In many gardens across Europe and the United States, gardeners are plagued with one major rodent problem, the mole. This innocent creature can have a destructive effect on any gardens and lawns. They can destabilize the soil structure of the garden, which stunts the growth of plants and trees. There is a myth that moles also consume plant roots although that is false. Moles can also leave a destructive path in its wake and this is illustrated by the mounds and mole hills. They are not aesthetically pleasing at all.

If you need a quick and effective solution to get rid of these moles and other similar rodents then there is one great solution, the mole repeller. You should not resort to chemicals in order to kill the moles as other moles will continue to reappear after you kill a few. The chemical will also have an adverse effect on your garden, especially if you are growing vegetables and fruits. The chemical will pass on to the crops and finally enter your body system when you consume them. Chemical solutions are also dangerous for those who own pets like dogs and cats. If your pet accidentally consumes the poisonous bait left for moles then they may face serious health consequences.

There are many benefits that comes with a mole repeller. Firstly, they are environmentally friendly. A mole repeller utilizes sonic vibrations in order to chase away moles and other similar rodents like gophers. Moles are known to be territorial animals therefore they do not like the presence of other moles nearby. The vibration is an attempt to reenact the digging activity of a typical mole and results have shown that the mole repeller has succeeded in many cases.

One is enough to cover a small to medium sized garden however you may want to plant at least three of them around your garden in order to maximize the effect. The more you place around the garden, the higher the chances of the moles leaving. One customer who purchased this tool commented that the moles which were infesting her garden disappeared within a few days. However, they came back after her neighbors did the same thing, except they installed more mole repellers than she did.

These tools are pretty cheap in general so they will not put a strain on your gardening budget. If you purchase a high quality mole repeller then it will last you a good two or three years before the batteries or the product itself needs replacing.