This article will help you learn how to check your Google Adsense with Info Barrel. Adsense is the best way to earn money when writing articles on the internet. No matter which site you write for if they allow you to join Adsense and earn money then do so. Most sites will allow you to insert your adsense ID on their site, which allows you to see which site is earning you the most money.

I am writing this article simply because for the last three weeks I have been going mad because funny things were happening in my Info barrel account.

The first thing I noticed was that the details on my profile page completely disappeared. Then I noticed that I was not seeing any records of anyone clicking on my account in Adsense. When I queried it I was told that January was very quiet and it would pick up. I could understand that. But that still did not explain why I was getting nothing at all not any records of anyone visiting my site at all.

I asked more questions. By this time I was starting to get a bit frustrated. In the end I went into my account and went to manage my account and noticed that where my Adsense no used to be there was Pub ######### and that was all that showed. I started to wonder if my analytics number was wrong. I may have done something myself, so do not think it was info barrels fault.

A few more days went by still no record. Members were now saying that their earnings were picking up. Mine did nothing.

Then I decided to redo my Adsense ID No and my Analytics No's.

At the end of three weeks of frustration and two days after I replaced the numbers again, I got my first record of info barrel in my Adsense reports. Whoopee!! I wanted to have a party.

Writers and info barrel members or members of any writing site for that matter if you have this problem. Check out your Adsense No's. If you suddenly lose reports of any earnings at all try doing what I did, instead of wasting so much time wondering what was happening.

Note: This may have been caused by something I did, I do not know or there was a gremlin working behind the scene. I will probably never know either. But, I am back.

If you have not got an Adsense Account yet then do the following:

Join Google

Once you have written a couple of articles apply to Google for a Google Adsense account. To do this you will first have to join Google first. You can use your current email address you do not have to create a new Gmail one. Create a good password with at least 8 characters with a combination of numbers and letters to make it more secure.

Enter the required security word then click continue to accept Google's terms of service.

Make sure you write down the email address you are using and also the password. Keep them in a safe place. I know, you think you will remember it, but believe me. One day you may forget it and then you will be in trouble if you haven't written it down.

Once you have a Google account, you can now apply for an Adsense account. Click to Join Adsense h Fill in all the details then click submit application.

It may take a few days to become approved. When you are approved you will need to copy the Google Adsense Publisher Id into your info barrel account. This Id will look like this pub then a string of numbers.

To Add the Adsense ID to Info barrel

Click on your myinfobarrel on the top right hand side of the page.

When it opens Click on manage my Account.

Click on the word change beside the Google Adsense ID. Now paste the Pub 0000000 number into that area. Now, that didn't hurt a bit did it?

Adding your Articles to channels

You do not actually have to do anything else to earn money with Adsense. Although after a while you will be curious as to how much each article is earning. If that is so then you will want to enter each article into the channels.

At the top of each of your articles there will be a URL. This is the bit with the http// In your case it should have the name of your article.

Copy this ULR then log into your Google account with your email address and password and go to your Adsense account

At the top of the page you will see

Reports - Adsense Setup – My Account – Resources

· Click on the Adsense Setup Tab.

· When that opens up click on Channels

· then further down the page click on URL

· and then click on Add new URL Channel

· Another box opens up

· Now right click into that box and click paste

· The URL for your article will now be pasted in there.

· Now click add channels

That's all there is too it. Each time you write an article put it in there and you can follow how much each article is earning every day.

It sounds like a lot of work, it isn't really and you can enter a couple at the same time. By copying and pasting one URL then click enter then copy and paste another underneath the first.

Very simple really, Hope you earn lots of money from adsense while you are writing for info barrel. Don't forget to start putting some of this money you are earning in the bank for your next investment.