Introducing fish into your pond can add a whole other level to the ponds appeal. Before running off to the pet store to grab up some colorful creatures you need to know what steps to take and what to look for to make the right choices when choosing fish for your pond. You will find helpful steps below.


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Things to Consider Before Choosing Fish for Your Pond:

        Step One: Investigate the different types of fish. Identify which fish thrive in an outdoor pond environment and that can cohabitate well with other fish. You will also need to know the basic care that they require and will want to choose those with similar needs.

        You will also want to find out how many fish you can add to your pond before it is considered overcrowded and unhealthy. This will often vary on the size and location of your pond feature. 


Choosing Healthy Fish:

      Step Two:  Check their level of activity and activeness. With the exception of bottom dwellers whose demeanor may be naturally dull and sluggish you want to see the fish actively swimming around. If they appear inactive or lazy this may be a sign of poor health and indicate disease and short life span.

     Step Three:  Look for bright and vibrant colors. Most healthy fishs' scales will give them a bright and robust color.

     Step Four: Look at their dorsal and caudal fins. You are looking for signs of tearing, scars or other signs that may indicate that specific fish is aggressive or weak, neither of which you want to choose for your pond.      

     Step Five: Avoid fish whose eyes appear dull and or foggy. These can be signs of disease, bacteria or poor overall health. 

     Step Six: Check for signs of bacteria or fungus. Do not only check the fish that you are interested in but also those that share its tank.

        You will be looking for any abnormal hair like growths on the body of the fish. Color may vary but can sometimes appear like that of fine shreds of a cotton ball. If you see any of the fish with fungus like growths then move on because chances are it is caused by something in or left untreated in the water. Fish already subjected to fungus and disease are not likely to live long and can pass on illnesses to other fish in your pond and aquariams.


Common Disease, Parasites  and Illnesses Found in Pond Fish: 

This is not the extent of disease, parasites and illness found in fish common in ponds but a good list of the most commonly seen. Ich, Costia, Flukes, Fish Lice, Anchor Worm (Lernea), Trichodina and Chilodonella. 

Common Pond Fish

The 3 most common fish chosen to dwell in water gardens or other types of fish ponds are: Goldfish (Comet being the most widely sought after), Koi and Golden Orfe. Not all fish species can cohabitate so be sure to check before adding different fish types or species to an already occupied pond.