Digital cameras

Taking pictures and storing them on the computer has never been easier than it is now.

Digital cameras can do more than ever before, but with so many different options finding the right digital camera has only become more confusing. Here are a few simple ways you can choose a digital camera that's right for you.

The first option to consider when looking into digital cameras is the number of megapixels. Megapixels (often abbreviated MP) stands for millions of pixels per inch. So a camera with 5.0 megapixels will have five million pixels per inch. Cameras are constantly getting higher better resolutions (more megapixels) and the number of megapixles can vary anywhere from 5 to higher than 14. For the average camera user it is very difficult to tell the difference between different resolutions. Really the only reason you should ever need more megapixels is if you plan to enlarge your pictures or use them for professional purposes, in a normal size photograph it's nearly impossible to tell the difference. That being said, it is nice to have the option to enlarge your photographs. Pick a digital camera with a large, but reasonable number of megapixles.

The second item to look for in your digital camera is the zoom. Some Digital cameras have no zoom option (which is horrible in and of itself), but the standard camera comes with 3x zoom. Obviously 3x zoom means you can magnify the image three times. While three times can seem like a lot, it really can be quite difficult to get a good picture with a three zoom. In many instances when pictures are taken, they are from a distance, (sporting events, something on a vacation, etc.), and a camera user with no zoom will have a serious disadvantage. Consider zoom carefully when deciding which digital camera to buy. Anything with a three zoom or less will be basically a point and shoot camera, offering little assistance to the far away viewer. A good zoom rate can be as low as five, it really all just depends what you are planning to take pictures of.

Certainly price is also a factor when choosing a digital camera to use. Nowadays technology has advanced significantly and digital cameras can be had for around a hundred dollars. Generally around two hundred dollars is a decent price for a higher end camera. The best advice anyone can receive when looking for a good price is to shop around. Check a few stores, and look at the rates online, you will learn about what each camera should cost.

Last you will want to look and see if your camera has any special features. Image stabilization, different effects for pictures and shock/water resistance can all be very nice features. These features can often drive up the price of the camera, however, and its best to avoid the expensive ones unless you are certain you will use them.