How to choose a garage and mechanic for a Land Rover

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In most cases, you will not have very many upsets but if you have a Land Rover then it is vital that you head to a mechanic who has familiarity with Land Rover motors. It can be demoralising to find you have paid above the odds or the fault has not been rectified, something which can happen if you are not willing to research your topic.

So with this in mind here are some ideas to enable you to hire a mechanic and move your Land Rover back on the road and running perfectly.

1) Ask for recommendations. In the automotive industry, recommendations are gold. So if people who you know point you in the direction of a mechanic it is probably worth checking the shop out more. If however, you are linked to a Land Rover club or organisation then a member may tell you of a mechanic near to you that undertakes Land Rover engine work.

2) Before letting the garage fix your car, sort out a tour around the place. Visit the shop personally and keep an eye open for professional certifications. Inquire regarding the focus of expertise that the workforce have and note down which members of staff have what affiliations. It is also a good idea to see what kind of experience the shop has with Land Rover and the periods they have spent fixing Land Rover engines.

3) Work on an offer and determine the mechanic keeps to it. In some firms a verbal offer will be muted, however the majority of times that will only be a rough estimate. So it may be in your interests to work out a deal as many shops can now write down a rushed prediction on paper, which can be interpreted as a formal deal. If you are manically fanatical of your Land Rover or you own a unique motor then a contract drawn up is the only certainty that your vehicle is safeguarded.

4) Rely on your feelings. When you visit a shop, if you get a good feeling then you are on the right track. If you feel something is amiss, or if staff members do not treat you in a courteous manner, trust those instincts. There are plenty of garages out there to select from. There is no pressure on you to say yes to the first bid the garage makes. For starters, you could make sure you are attended to by a specialist or business that is specialises in or is connected to the upkeep and sale of Land Rover models.

5) Don't rush into your decision. Just because you have to get to work on Monday doesn't mean you should blindly choose a mechanic out of a phone-book. So in the mean time, you can make alternate plans for example, Land Rover leasing to replace your current vehicle. This allows for a thoughtful period without the angst of having to choose a mechanic before a certain time.

It would be wise to acknowledge this advice as a Land Rover engine can be quite technical and it is invaluable to locate an experienced mechanic who has particular understanding of Land Rover's.