While undergoing your search for the best salon and girl to take care of your eyelashes, things can become a bit confusing or even stressful. Applying eyelash extensions unsafely and without proper training or experience can damage your lashes.  However, find someone who understands sanitation, has been trained extensively and cares about your well being, and you will be amazed and thrilled at the results eyelashes can give you. Here are some questions to ask, and things to look for.

Does the salon hire only licensed estheticians and cosmetologists?

That’s right! Whoever is doing eyelash extensions should have their Esthetician or Cosmetology license from the State board of Cosmetology. If a worker is licensed, then their license must be displayed at all times so that the client can easily see it.  Check for an expiration date to be sure that they are up to date on all sanitation standards required by the state. A salon hiring workers who are not licensed is a red flag. Anyone who isn’t licensed was not trained by the state in how to sanitize, and perform procedures in a way that keeps the client as safe as possible. 

Check out their work beforehand!

Many photos of a salon’s work can be found on their website. If they do not have a website then ask to see pictures of their work, or ask to check out a client who has them on. Warning signs of someone who is not well trained are globs of glue in the lashes, signs of irritation or swelling, and the finished product looking messy or unflattering. 

How do they apply the lashes?

Ask exactly what the process is that they use to apply the lashes. The safest way is to apply one individual extension to each of your own lashes. There should be no glue on the skin and also the lashes should not become stuck together. Unfortunately, untrained workers do not understand the importance of individual eyelashes remaining unstuck. Each natural eyelash grows at it’s own pace, much like the hair on your head. They do not all grow in uniform. If a synthetic extension becomes attached to more than one of your natural eyelashes, and they are not growing at the exact same speed, then whichever grows faster will begin to pull at the other. This can cause very uncomfortable irritation, itchiness, and even damage to the hair follicle if it is prematurely pulled out. 

Ask about product ingredients if you are worried about sensitivity

Some glues used for applying eyelash extensions contain a rubberized component in their ingredient list. If a client has an allergy to rubber in products then they may or may not have a reaction with these types of glues. It would depend on how sensitive the client is and how much of the ingredient is used. A well stocked salon will have a safety glue available to use and a knowledgable one will be able to explain how to handle an allergic reaction. Irritation is not common if eyelash extensions are applied safely to the natural lash only and not on the skin.

If someone has highly sensitive skin they may also want to ask about cleansers and sealers used to prep and seal the eyelash extensions.

Did they sanitize before and while taking care of their client?

A salon worker should have a clean station, with sanitized tools. It is not rude to ask how they sanitize their implements. They should be able to explain it to you easily. Also, they should sanitize their hands before starting every client, and also if during the appointment they touch anything considered unsanitary such as a phone, their face, picking something up off the floor etc. 

How long do they spend on a brand new set of lashes?

The eyelid has on average 100-150 eyelashes. People tend to have more lashes than they think they do. In order to get a client’s lashes as full as possible the process should take 1.5 to 2 hours. If a client has relatively average lashes, then spending less than 1.5 hours during a full set could mean that they are not as full as they can be, or that they were applied in a rush without carefully separating each lash to insure the safety of the lash. 

Sometimes you get what you pay for

The average price of a full set of eyelash extensions in California is currently  $200, and has been approximately this price for the past eight years. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. A good eyelash extension worker may post a great deal in order to boost their clientele, but the deal shouldn’t be too extreme to where they are practically giving them away. Quality product for eyelash extensions is not cheap. If the esthetician or cosmetologist is using quality product then giving too dramatically low of a deal would end up costing them money. Be aware of the price and also how long they are spending on your lashes before making your final decision.

Trust your instincts

Does the salon look clean and organized? Maybe it come off as dusty and sloppy. Also, pay attention to how you are treated. When you walk in to the salon do you feel welcomed? Someone who cares about the health of your lashes should care about making you happy too. 

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Credit: Source: Luscious Lashes