When you go to a hairstylist and ask for a new look, first he looks at what kind of shape your face has to decide what goes best for you.There are at least 5 types of face shapes that women have and all have a specific hairstyle that suits it.

The Oval Face Shape

Oval face is most common. It is also ideal for any kind of hairstyle. All other face shapes, with a proper hairstyle, tend to an oval appearance.  So, if you have an oval face you are really lucky. You can try all the unlimited variety of hairstyles. The majority of supermodels have an oval face so this is why any kind of hair, short, medium, long, curly, straight, it all looks great on them.  You should avoid hairstyles that cover your face, because you will cover your perfect features. Your face looks best with hairstyles that bring your hair in back not in front, showing off your features.

The Round Face Shape

The round face shape is the one that has the widest part of the face at the cheeks and ears. For round faces, hairstylists recommend a hair that has fullness from upper part of the ears to the crown. This fullness creates an illusion of a “longer” face. Short haircuts, or those that make your hair closer to your face are also making an impression of a longer face. It also helps if you have asymmetric bangs. Don’t style your hair straight, without fullness, or with straight parting on the top.  And don’t leave fullness at side of your ears, this will only accentuate rounder shape. 

The Square Face Shape

Generally, square face shares the same tricks as the round face. What goes with one, goes with the other too. But for a better look you should try asymmetrical hairstyles. Your hair should create an impression of a longer forehead. Curly or wavy hair, asymmetric parting, open ears and short-medium length of the hair will do the job.  The trick is to soften your strong features with layers and bangs that give roundness to your face.

If you have straight hair, you should really avoid straight bangs or straight long hair. It will certainly accentuate the square shape.

The Rectangular Face Shape

For this type of face shape you should try styles of short or medium lengths, above your shoulders.

Fullness at the sides of your face, layers and wispy, asymmetrical bangs will also give roundness to your face. You should also wear hairstyles that cover your ears. Medium or short length will shorten the length of your face and will bring softness to your features. You should avoid long straight hair.

The Triangular Face Shape

For triangular face shape you have to choose a type of hairstyle that has its widest part on the ear side. Never make short bangs or style your hair in back. You should try having layers on the upper part of your head, but avoid a lot of fullness at your crown. Also try long straight bangs.  You should show off your ears, it will make an illusion of a rounder face.

Just keep in mind these few tips when you go to your hairdresser, and you will certainly make the right choice