So you are looking to buy the ideal pair of sunglasses that will make you looks good? A pair of glasses should be bought based upon how your face looks when you are wearing them and not what the latest trend may be going about. After all, not every pair of glasses will suit every kind of face structure. A good pair of glasses is one that compliments your face over all and lets you make a fashion or style statement. But let's face it, the search is a tiresome one which involves trying on like a million pair of glasses until you find the right pair and choose good sunglasses. But this all can be made very easy.

Yes that is right it can be made totally easy for some people. It is possible if some way you manage to see the size of and shape of your face, and then you match that with your complexion and also then determine exactly what kind of frame would suit that. There is a program now named the Envision Yourself Program and that is a system that the American Vision Council has developed. It should complement the shape of your face and also makes a good imprint of shapes and features. Also the frame should be proportionate to your face, a small face would require a small dainty frame where as a bigger face would better be suited with a large frame.

A proper face structure is one that has the average of seven basic shapes. So a more perfect set of glasses will always be the one that sets well with everything. The famous face structures are oval shaped, round, oblong shape, triangle down, and an upward triangle along with square and diamond.
A round shaped face is one that would be based on a curvy lines and have straight and smooth angles. So choosing glasses for this kind of face structure would most likely be the best choice. One such frame would be such that makes the face look longer and hence rectangular frames would suit it best.
Broad sun glass frames for an oval face would be the best choice so that the oval face can be well defined and better shaped.

  • For a downward facing triangle shaped face the features are of a wide shaped chin and narrow forehead and hence the best choice for a person to choose good sun glasses frames would be wider frames that give the face symmetry.
  • The upward facing triangle face structure is one that becomes narrow around the chin and then broad at the forehead area and that is why a narrow and daintier shaped frame would be ideal so that the it evens out the face.
  • A wide shaped frame would be the best suited fit for a person who has more square shaped face and that would help balance out the squareness of the persons face.This face structure is a narrow jaw based and has much wider set cheek bones. For this purpose a pair of glasses without rims is the best option.
  • Frames with more depth to give a new face dimension to your features is the best choice when choosing glasses that would be worn by an oblong face structure.