There are plenty of Smartphones out in market and some reputed companies that release one out of another amazing smartphones.But the thing is, you can't buy all of them.You have to choose a smartphone wisely.Buying a smartphone is a one time thing for a long time as they are very expensive.If you buy a smartphone which has a lot of cons in it, you will regret your choice but you can't help it either. If you try to sell it, you have to sell it at cheap rate and if you decide to keep it, you have to deal with all the negative points.

But the real question is, how to choose a smartphone ? There are some important parameters which help to choose a smartphone, namely the operating system, size,color (sometimes though), memory, performance, apps, the most important - Design.

You need to decide firmly and choose an operating system that suits you best. Android is the most common operating system out there. But I really like ios a lot better than android. Reasons are many but , we are not here to see  my choice. Mostly there are three Smart Operating systems - Android, iOS and the Windows Operating System. You can try your friend's smartphone to choose an operating system. Go from basic to pro and see if it matches your taste or not. If you liked the iOS operating system, then waste no time and head over to the iPhone. If you liked Android or the Windows OS, you need to make more choices. In case of iPhone, you just need to make one choice, which color to choose - black or white. And now we come to android and Windows OS, first short list the companies you like or you think it's worth buying. Then surf the web and find some useful reviews about your chosen device. I really prefer CNET as they are really legit and gives true reviews. Then do some market research and see if your chosen smartphone is surviving the market or not. There's no good in buying a smartphone which is not liked by the people in the market.

Then you have to choose some specs like Camera, screen, touch, apps and just buy your smartphone.The 3 Best smartphones in my opinion are:

  1. The Majestic Apple iPhone - No Competition in my opinion.
  2. Samsung Galaxy SII - The feel you get while operating this device is just tremendous.
  3. htc Sensation XE - Nice standard smartphone.

I have compared these smartphones and ranked then on my experience with then. I have used all these smartphones and many others and short listed the best 3 for your ease.Hope this helps to find  a suitable match of a smartphone for you.