Choosing the right glasses can make a massive impact on your life. You may have to wear them for up to 16 hours a day, and if you choose the wrong glasses it can cause discomfort and other problems. With the information in this article we hope to show you how to choose glasses that will be right for you.

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To choose the right glasses you to consider your face shape, the kind of frame you want and the type of lens. I will assume that you already been to an optician and have the correct prescription for your lens. Although the optician may offer you glasses and lenses from the shop, it can often be cheaper to buy them elsewhere. Buying them somewhere else may also offer a greater choice of glasses and you may be able to buy your lenses online.

The steps below will help you to choose the correct glasses.

1. How to choose glasses to suit your face shape

The shape of your face is very important to choosing correctly fitting glasses. Your face shape can be characterised as square, oval, round, Diamond or triangular. You shouldn't take being characterised as any face shape as an offence, as there are many famous and beautiful people with each one.

2.  How to select the frame

Those people with balanced facial features e.g. oval faces, will suit most frames such as square, rectangular and other shapes. They should avoid oversized frames and ones which dominate their features and are important in how you choose your glasses.

People with more angular features such as those with square faces should try oval frames, but avoid geometric and square frames which draw the eye to angles on the face. If you have a longer shaped face then using a tall frame can help to create a shorter face, as using a short frame will stress the oblong shape of your face.

3. How to choose the glasses

Once you've got the correct frame type for your face shape, you can start to look for your glasses. You should pay particular attention to the colour of the glasses which can be used to accentuate or draw attention from features on your face. You should also decide whether you like full rimmed or only partially rimmed glasses.

Although how your glasses look is very important, the comfort levels are the most important feature of all in how you choose your glasses. This is where there is an advantage from buying them from the shop and not from the internet. In a shop you can choose from several different forms of the glasses, to see how they look and how the glasses fit your face. You may be able to buy your frames from the shop, but buy your lenses online which could save you money.

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When deciding which glasses you want, you must think about what you're going to do with the glasses. When you choose your glasses consider whether you are using them for reading, watching television or using a computer. If you're going to use them for computer then you can get special coatings for the lenses which can cut the glare from the screen making a more comfortable experience. Also the size of the lens needs to be considered if you are using a large computer monitor by your eyes may move beyond the range that the lenses cover.

You should now know how to choose glasses that will fit your face, feel comfortable and fit the purpose you need them for. If I had to choose one important point it would be that you need to try the glasses on and have equality optician assess the state of your eyes.

How do you choose glasses? How do you choose the right glasses for you face shape? Do you have any favourite places to buy glasses from? Please write a comment below.