You’ve probably been busy decorating a room for your beautiful new baby and he or she is going to love it! But don’t let the decorating make you put off getting a good crib for your baby.

What is the best baby mattress?

The best baby mattress to buy is any mattress that keeps your baby safe and out of harms way. Unfortunately, it has been discovered that toxic materials have been found in a wide number of crib mattresses. These toxic findings include the discovery that a large number of baby mattresses are manufactured with PVC. When mixed with mold and mildew found in houses, the arsenic, antimony, and phosphorous from PVC are changed into potentially deadly nerve agents, even in such small doses.

In addition, artificial fire retardants found in baby mattress pads and mattresses have been linked to toxicity. These findings were discovered New Zealand’s Dr. T.J. Sprott’s of the “Back to the Basics Campaign” and Barry Richardson in Britain. These retardants can produce toxic gases that would reside on the surface of the mattress.

A connection was found between these findings and a 1991 “Back-to-Sleep” campaign by the “No More SIDS” foundation when a noteworthy drop in the rate of SIDS related death was found when babies were not sleeping face down. SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, is the unexpected death of an infant that can often be detected by using a baby breathing monitor. The realization was that when the babies slept face down they were breathing in the toxic chemicals.

 What is being done to stop this?

The “No More SIDS” foundation suggested wrapping the baby mattress in a cover that was gas impermeable. As a result, over the course of 10 years of using the covers with approximately 700,000 infants in over 30 countries using them, not a single crib death was reported. This foundation also seeks to inform others and get regulation about the deadly potential of the PVC and make the gas impermeable covers available to everyone.

What can I do?

When you are looking for the best baby mattress to buy, it is very important to choose one that is organic and cotton and advertises being free of toxic elements like phosphorous, antimony, and arsenic. Also avoid using sheepskin, polyester or acrylic materials in the baby’s bed that may also contain these toxic chemicals. Look for clothes that are free of PDBE, PBB, and other flame-retardants and don’t use detergents high in phosphates, petrochemicals, and perfumes when washing these clothes.