Trust me briging home and taking care of a new pet is the best feeling in the world.Suddenly your pet becomes centre of the universe and makes you feel like you are its parents.I have gone through same feelings each time i brought a new pet to my house.It all started from the age of 5 years and still Ihave same feelings towards them.I really would like to encourage people to at least once in their life time bring home a pet and eperience the joy they bring to life.Now the question is which pet to select for your home.Selecting a pet is tedious task and depends mainly upon your lifestyle and home size.So let us examine how to choose your pet to fit your lifestyle and home space and give you a memorable experience.

Things You Will Need


1-The very first question before bringing home any pets is your schedule and your working hours and whether you are wholly responsible to look after them or there is someone in the house who will also takecare of them. If you live alone and have steady work timings 9-5 without any out of town work or out of country trips then you can choose any pets-dogs,cats,birds,fishes,rabbits etc

2-If you live alone have irregular work hours and travel out of town for up to two days then your best pet option would be fishes since they can survive till your back and their food requirments is also less.Also they don't require human supervision or care like dogs and cats and they will definetly not spoil your house.But make sure to feed them before going and keep the oxygen supply on.

3-If you are fullfilling first criteria but you have a small house and no room for large animals then your best option are caged birds or fish tank.

4-If you have no space restriction and work issues then you can go for cat or dogs .If you dont like fury animals who move around then you can opt for parrots or exotic birds or even have a large fish tank.

Please note each pet have diffrent needs and diffrent care requirment so kindly evaluate you care taking capacity,your schedule and your work travelling days before bringing in pets

Pets can give you a woderful time only if you properly take care of them by feeding them the right kind of food which are best suited according to their natural eating habits and feeding them from time to time.Also cleanliness of cage is very important for birds to safeguard them from ants and other incests which feed on their residual foods.For fishes ensure the food is of high quality and oxygen is supplied in the water properly.The water of the tank should be cleaned through water filters installed in tanks and should be completly changed every 1-2 months.These are some factors to be considered before selecting your pet I hope you will now be best able to decide which pet best suits your need.

Tips & Warnings

Pets require special treatment they should not be tortured or harmed by kids who take them for fun .Please kindly note that you should respect and treat your pet nicely.Touching your pet or pressing them tightly should also be avoided as some pets are temperature sensitive and some are afraid of human touch.