After posting a poll on a blog couple of days ago, it came to my mind that many of you out-there could be in two minds regarding the kind of support that would suit your company and customers the most.

Things You Will Need

I also realized that Live Chat support is broadly perceived as helpful to "big companies" when in fact, SME have an unique opportunity to do great stuff with it. But this should be material for another piece. Sorry for the derail.

As i was saying, my post today will outlined the steps that must come behind a when asking yourself about the most suitable support for your old and potential customers.

If you are in the process of analyzing the way to provide customers with the best value and growing your business, this is the right place to be!

Roughly said, there are three steps involved in the the decision-making-process of "auditing" the support of your choice.

Step 1

To begin with, you should analyze data regarding the needs and preferences for site-support tools of your target markets. On the other hand, an analysis and assessment of the issues arising from the online customer service you provide, should be carried out. When conducting this analysis you should never forget to take into account the type of information you provide through this channel.

Step 2

Once you have concluded with the aforementioned analysis, you should proceed with a Gap Analysis. When comparing both situations you may find some gaps. The gaps can spring for example, from a conflict between characteristics of the information provided and the possibility of the site-support tool to properly transfer it, i.e. info needed in digital form, provided over phone-support.

Step 3

If you happen to identify one or few gaps, what should come behind is an appraisal of the different options available that would help you bridge those gaps.

Stay tuned; on the upcoming article i will provide an overview of the types of support. If you are facing this kind of situation it may help you make an informed decision. See you all back then!

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