Having a right tripod is a worth while investment

How to choose a tripod

Anyone serious about camera work must understand the importance of the tripod. Almost all types of video work require a tripod. Choosing a good tripod is a long-term investment for your video work. Try not to be stingy in spending money for tripod and compromise too much. It's a worth for spending money item.

A tripod consists of a head and a set of legs. Usually these are separate components although consumer-level tripods are normally shipped with the head and legs already attached together.

It's important to choose the right tripod for your needs. What is the thing that you should look for before you decide to buy a video tripod?

1) Fluidity
A good tripod will have the control for resistance. This will help you to adjust the speed of the pan and tilt. Help to produce smooth and consistence camera movement.

2) Counter balance system
This feature will help you to balance your camera once it's mounted to the tripod. It will gently pushes the camera back to the horizontal position.

3) Quick release base plate
Make sure you camera can be secured when it is mounted on the tripod, but on the other side you also need a quick release features, which enable you to easily mount and unmount your video camera safely.

4) Strong support
Tripod leg must be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the camera. The size of your tripod must be apropitiate to your camera size. The height of the tripod is also one of the reason for consideration. It must be at least eye level tall.

5) Mobility
Check how easily to set up the tripod and how practical to move around. Are you able to pack and unpacked it quickly and easily.

Some of the common material that is used for tripod is either plastic, aluminium, and carbon fiber. Plastic is the least inexpensive material , light, not very strong, good for travelling and quick video shoot.  Aluminum material is also inexpensive and most commonly used, you can also add a lot of weight on it. Carbon fiber is a relatively new material for tripods, it's durable, lightweight, and flexible--ideal for most uses--but it'll cost a lot.

There are other kinds of supports that might be a better fit for your style of videography. Monopod is good because of its lighter, easy to move around and simple. Monopod only have single leg but they can give you steadiness that sometimes makes a huge difference on your video. For other alternative you may also want to consider Car Window Mounts and Suction Mounts. â€¨

In the end there's always the matter of price. Don't let the price be your only guide, since a good tripod will last you a lifetime and it's a worth while investment