Lots of individuals prefer the natural appearance and feel of hardwood decking, however, what a lot of individuals don't understand is that it requires frequent case to maintain this look. When the weather is hot hardwood decking can become dry, consequently it needs periodic oiling to stop it splitting. For a neat, flush finish you need to speak to an experienced tradesperson; hardwood can be complicated to install if you are looking to keep the fixings hidden. Hardwood decking would suit a garden but it is not perfect for balconies as the organic sap may leak out potentially discolouring nearby brick work.

Composed of recycled hardwood and a polymer resin composite decking is a sturdy substitute to hardwood. A clear advantage of composite decking is that it's really low maintenance; yearly treatment isn't needed. No matter what size or shape you choose composite decking can be made to fit, it is able to be moulded so your options are not limited. Composite decking may be the most suitable choice for a lot of people as it comes in a selection of textures and colours, however it can be priced quite high and consequently won't be for everybody. The high price is for quality and because plenty of companies are offering a 25 year guarantee you can be certain that composite decking will last. As well as this it also improves the value of your home, so don't allow the initial cost to put you off.

Plastic decking isn't known for being really durable. It tends to swell and shrink when the temperature fluctuates and it has been known to creak and groan as it moves. Due to this fluctuation plastic decking needs to be secured to steel frames; however this can be very costly. If you are eager to help the environment it is possible to buy recycled plastic decking.

Like hardwood, softwood is also popular because of its organic appearance. One major issue with softwood decking is that it can easily become slippery and hazardous. When the weather is wet water accumulates and when it's dry bacteria and algae grows on the surface causing it to become slimy. This mould can easily be washed away but this is just a temporary solution. More algae is likely to return as the timber gets even more water-absorbent. If you want to conserve the original look you'll need to clean and treat your decking yearly which can be very time-consuming.

There are lots of choices if you're thinking about garden decking. The initial step you should take is to consider the area and how much you are able to spend. Decking differs in price but you normally get what you pay for in terms of quality. Decked gardens can add to the value of your house so it is something to consider when analysing the cost.