How to choose your next car, heart versus brain.

Buying a new car or used car is sometimes an exhilarating experience. When you take the car for a test drive it really has an impact on your treacherous heart. Your heart starts to do funny thing to you. You throw precaution to the wind and let the commercial hype get a grip on you.

Choosing your next car is a feeling that has led many astray. The brain often doesn't stand a chance when you are choosing your next car. That is because of all the emotions you feel when about to choose your next car. It can be tiring looking around for the best deals. However, that is not where most people go wrong when choosing their next car. They often forget the basics of owning a car.

This feeling is not unique to buying a car. As a general rule, when upi are at the point of acquiring something new, you tend to leave your brain at home. We are not even going to look into the technical aspects of buying a car. What is more interesting is making the right decision. A word of caution, making the right decision will help in getting you a new car. Unlike a house a car is not always a good investment. You could even say the decision buy a car is bad from the outset. Let us assume you've allowed your heart to convince you that you need a car. Now let your brain take over and analyze the following:

Money and How to choose your next car: if you were a celebrity earning thousand on a daily basis, then you will not have to worry about money. For the majority of us, money does matter. If you can afford to spend only 2000 dollars or Euros on the purchase of a car, then 2000 it should be. If you can get it for less, you will be better off. 2200 dollars just for that GPS option or the lovely color is letting your heart decide. Remember you left your heart at home. So stick to your initial budget like superglue. That is important when choosing your next car

Gas or petrol and How to choose your next car: sorry to burst your bubble but cars still don't run on water. Can you afford to fill up the tank? I take it you are not planning to buy a car and leave it parked in front of your house. Every kilometer you drive is k-ching for the big energy companies. If your budget doesn't cover petrol, buy a bike or use public transportation. That is important when choosing your next car

Repairs and How to choose your next car: Cars and mechanics are joined at the hips. A new car is not immune to repairs either. Have you set aside money for this? Try to learn a little about car repairs like changing tires, batteries, brake fluids, etc. Mechanics love nothing more than an ignorant client. You will be the cow and they will delightfully milk every cent out of you. That is important when choosing your next car

Insurance and How to choose your next car: you don't need insurance because you are a good driver? Well, it is not always about you but about the thousands of crazy drivers on the roads. Having insurance basically means the bill will be less salty when an accident does occur. That is important when choosing your next car

Driving and How to choose your next car: driving at a constant speed and not always accelerating can go a long way with petrol and repair bills. Don't burn rubber. That equates to burning money, which in turn equates to stupidity. That is important when choosing your next car