For a beginner who is eager to learn how to play the piano with the right technique, along with musical theory, the best option is to enroll in piano lessons. These are facilitated by piano teachers whether in a music studio or in the comfort of your own home by availing private lessons if you own a piano. Just like any form of education, it is important to learn about the background of the institution or of the piano teacher. Also, be mindful of your expectations in having a formal piano lessons and be able to relay that clearly to the teacher so you can both work together to optimize your learning experience.

            First, decide on which is the more ideal setting for you, going to a music studio or hiring a private instructor for home lessons. Consider the following factors such as distance of the music studio, availability of a piano, number of hours of the lesson, and if the location is conducive for learning. If you have a piano, a quiet room and you will not be causing disturbance to anyone at home, then visiting instructors will be a more convenient choice. However, lessons in music studios can be beneficial as well, in terms of having the chance to play other pianos which may feel different than your own. Although the lessons will be in a one on one session, going to music studios will also give you an opportunity to meet other students whon can relate and share learning experiences with. Most studios hold piano recitals and can give you a shot in performing in front of a wide audience.

            Look for piano teachers in local universities with music programs or for music studios around the community. If you find an instructor, interview and tell them your expectations in having a piano lesson. Ask about their musical background and how long they have been handling piano lessons. Inform them of your level of knowledge and what you want to achieve during the lessons. Also, a little demonstration of their skills can encourage you to avail of their services.

            If you have chosen an instructor, ask how much their rates are, if they charge per hour or per session. Remember to take note of what they are also expecting from a student such hours of practice and preparation and if there is a need to purchase learning materials. Also ask if how do they keep track of your progress, if they use progress charts and the likes. Settle other concerns and schedule your first lesson.

            Make sure both of you have established rapport with each other. The piano teacher must be able to teach you in a comfortable manner that is appropriate for your skill level. This individual is going to enhance your appreciation for music so finding someone whose expectations and motivations are similar with yours will make your learning experience worthwhile.