If you are looking to lose weight walking is one of the best activities you can do, it’s a very efficient way of burning calories, and the average person burns 250 - 350 calories per hour walking at a normal pace.There are not many things you need to go walking but the one key item not to be without is a good pair or walking shoes, these are the key features of walking shoes to look out for

  • Shock absorption
  • Stiffer & more supportive than running shoes
  • Flexible forefoot
  • Thinner mid-soles than running shoes
  • Angled heels for smooth heel to toe roll

Ever wondered why you have arched feet? It’s your bodies in built shock absorption for when you walk or run.

As you step down the arch collapses absorbing the impact, this process is called pronation. Some peoples feet Over Pronate, that is collapse too much or Under Pronate; do not collapse enough during their step, for most people however their feet collapse just the right amount, this is Neutral Pronation. Shoes are built to accommodate these three pronation styles, offering more cushioning or support depending on your pronation type.

If you under pronate you need a shoe with cushioning to help you absorb the impact, if you over pronate you should get shoes with more stability to stop your foot collapsing as much and if you have neutral pronation you want shoes which provide both cushioning and stability.There are a number of ways to find your foot type the easiest of which is to use what’s called the “wet test”.

To perform the wet test simply fills a baking tray with water and step in it with bare feet, then walk across a solid floor which will leave your foot prints or walk across some sheets of paper then inspect the shape of the foot prints left.

  • Flat footprints mean you are an over pronator
  • Mildly curved foot arches mean you are a natural pronator
  • Thin sliver down the outside of the foot or gaps in the foot mean you are an under pronator
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Credit: www.caloriesburnedwalkinghq.com

Now you know your foot type you can find exactly the right shoe type to match. Ask at your shoe store for the type of shoe you need.

If you will be regularly walking on uneven ground you will need to get trekking shoes.Trekking shoes come in different types to match you pronation, the other key features you should look out for are:

  • Water proofing- Good grip with large tread
  • Thick underfoot protection
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight

Why not use a calories burned walking calculator that tells you how many calories you burned on your walk based on your weight, walking speed and duration.