Citations are very much essential in your academic life since they allow you to credit other researchers' work .An anthology is a book that contains works written by different authors and the editor is the person who compiles these works. So citing an anthology can be tricky, at times. Here are some tips on citing an anthology in MLA style.

Things You Will Need

Anthology title, name of the author/ editor, publishing house, year of publication.

Step 1

The format goes like this. List the editor's name at the beginning of citation. It should be listed in the order last name, first name, and followed by the abbreviation "ed." If the editor's name is Sylvan Barnet, it will be written as Barnet, Sylvan ed.This should be followed by the title of the anthology and the time period. You should underline the title. .

Step 2

You can finish the citation with the the name city where the anthology is published and the publishing year. The following is an example of

Barnet, Sylvan eds. Literature for Composition: Essays, Fiction, Poetry, and Drama, 7th

NY: Pearson Longman, 2005

Step 3

When you are citing a work within an anthology, you can simply cite by the name of the author and title of that particular article followed by the name of the anthology. The citing format remains the same as given in STEP 1.

Step 4

When you are citing a number of works in the same anthology, you should not repeat the information of the publisher and the publishing year. You can simply cite the name of the authors and the title of the articles one- by- one.These items should be in alphabetical order by last name of author of the article.The other things will remain the same here also.

Tips & Warnings

While taking some others work for writing your paper, Be very careful to cite all sources of information to avoid accusations of plagiarism.