Suede is a type of cloth which has a raised fizzy surface and is generally hard to clean. While cleaning suede materials like suede clothes or suede shoes, you should use only products recommended to clean suede rather than general leather cleaning materials. Here are a few tips on how to clean suede.

Things You Will Need

suede, white vinegar, suede brush, bath towel

Step 1

Suede is ideal for dry weather. So suede can be stained or dirtied even from water. In situations when suede gets wet, you should dry it immediately. A wet suede cloth should be wiped over with a clean bath towel. A tooth brush can also be used for this. Allow it to to dry naturally, also you can put a bit weight on the suede cloth to speed up the drying process.

Step 2

You can remove small, dirty stains from suede using a pencil eraser. A metal suede brush also works well as it smooth the roughened surface in suede shoes. The brush should be used in circular movements while cleaning the suede.

Step 3

Body oil stains can be cleaned from suede coats or suede sofa using a degreaser leather cleaner. Cold water along with glycerine can also be used .

Step 4

If all the above techniques doesn't clean suede, you may use white vinegar as a last resort. A damp towel soaked in white vinegar should be rubbed over the surface until the stains are completely removed. Suede cleaned with white vinegar can have a mild odor for some time, but the smell will disappear once the vinegar evaporates.

Step 5

Colors in suede can fade quickly. So it is better to store suede in a dark, dry location. Pillow covers can be used instead of plastic covers for storing them. Even if suede loses its color, it can be regained by dying.

Tips & Warnings

It is always better to clean suede professionally as self cleaning carries some risk.

While applying chemicals for cleaning, always test it at a part of the suede material where it is not visible.

New Suede materials can be pre-treated using a leather protection spray.