Trying to clean your hardwood floors is a household task that often gets forgotten. Wood can easily be scratched and requires proper care. Cleaning hardwood floors isn't too difficult. Majority of house hold products will clean your hardwood floors. Nothing is nicer than a beautiful looking hardwood floor. I love it when it's nice and shiny after you've cleaned it. Daily cleaning of hardwood floors is needed. Maybe not as frequently as other home appliances, but still needs properly cleaning. Cleaning your hardwood floors are simple, easy, and requires little time. Well, it's easy to clean your hardwood floors if they're not stained or scratched.

1.) Vacuum the floors and wipe off any dust. A damp wet mop can be an effective way to clean hardwood floors. Don't use too much water. Don't poor it onto your hardwood floor. When moisture sits into the wood, it will stain your hardwood floors. Get a good vacuum cleaner and remove any dust or dirt on the hardwood floor.

2.) Clean your hardwood floors with product brands. Go to your store and look for a good wood oil to use to clean your hardwood floors. For example, Murphy's oil is a nice oil to use. It only works on finished hardwood floors. Follow the directions and mob the floor. It will remove wax, and give your hardwood floors that nice and shiny look.

3.) Clean your hardwood floors with household products You household ingredients like vinegar, a little detergent, and warm water to regularly clean your hardware floors. Mop the floor thoroughly, and don't lets kids or dogs walk on it until its dry.

4.) Remove water stains, food stains, and inch stains from your hardwood floors. Water stains can ruin a beautiful looking hardwood floor. Stains in general can have make your beautiful looking wood floor look ruin. A few ways you can try remove the stains. Apply baking soda and white vinegar. Rub into the stain and leave it there overnight. Then rub it out using a damp cloth.

Using salt to remove stains. Take a small amount of detergent, warm water, and a bit salt. Then take a brush, and rub it hard into the stain. Take damp warm cloth rub the stain. Then dry with another cloth.

Other methods to clean your hardwood floors with difficult stains. Another method you could try using is S.OS pads. It won't stain your hardwood floors, but it might scratch them. Just rub the S.O.S pad against the stain really lightly, then wash off with a damp paper towel. Then dry with a cloth. You can also add some baking soda, then trying rubbing the stain out with the S.O.S pad.

Another method is using lemon oil. Lemon Oil helps to remove stains and is safe to use on any finish. For red wine stains, you might need to use clorox bleach to get the stain out.

6.) Removing scratches from your hardwood floors. Scratches can happen, since a lot of people walk on the floor. Scratches can be the difficult part about maintaining a beautiful looking hardwood floor. Trying to clean your hardware floors from small scratches is pretty easy. Deeper scratches, you should hire a professional.

Sandpaper will probably remove small scratches from your hardwood floors. Lightly rub the sand paper with the grain. Go easy, so you don't damage the finish. Purchase the paint finish used on your hardware floors at your local store. Some oils can help remove the scratches on hardware floors.