How to clean your toilet brush (and toilet bowl)

I always used buy the cheap plastic toilet brushes, because as we all know, they get to look pretty disgusting after a short while. No matter how conscious I was of rinsing off the brush after use in the bowl, it would always get that nasty orange-brown discolouration that I was so self conscious of when visitors had to use the bathroom. Not very nice as we all know.

Every so often I would bin my current brush and then replace with a new one.

But, ever thrifty and not wanting to be wasteful, a few years back I decided I would attempt to clean the brush. So now I have a nice trendy chrome toilet brush that looks nice in the bathroom and also looks fresh and clean when you go to use it. Hooray!

There are a few different methods I suppose, but I have two and here they are.

Washing soda crystals

This is my favourite method basically because it is eco-friendly, bio-degradable and doesn't contain bleach. It is a 100% natural product containing sodium carbonate. Also, it is a multi-purpose cleaning product that is cheap. It cleans so many things and solves many household problems (see another listing of mine to find out exactly what this product can help with around the house). Our home is never without a box of this stuff. And of course, it's always good to buy eco friendly cleaning products when you can, so pop it on your shopping list and do a bit of eco friendly shopping - it feels good!

To use washing soda crystals to clean your toilet brush, just flush your toilet and wait for the bowl to refill so that no more water is pumping in.

Gently pour in 1-2 cups of soda crystals and place your toiled brush into the bowl and let is rest there.

Check on it in about an hour to see how its working. If you don't think you've put in enough crystals then just add another quarter or half cup; but be patient - give the crystals time to work.

Remember that the soda crystals are a gentle but very effective cleaning agent, so more time may be needed for them to work their magic in comparison say, to bleach.


Clean your toilet, flush it and wait for the bowl to refill.

Pour down a good amount of thick bleach, making sure that you do so slowly so that the bleach isn't wasted by pushing through the u-bend.

Now just pop your toilet brush into the bowl and leave for at least a couple of hours.

Not only do you have a clean brush, your toilet will be shining too!

It's a good idea to bleach your toilet brush either at the beginning of your cleaning or just pop it in the bowl before going out of the house. While you're at it, pour a little bleach down your bathroom and kitchen sinks too - just to expel any build up of odours or scum.

When using cleaning agents, it is always a good idea to leave areas well ventilated. So in this particular case, leave your toilet/bathroom window open if possible and keep both products out of the reach of children.

From this day forth, may you all have shiny white bowls!