Clipping your dogs nails An Easy How to Guide

Things You Will Need

A towel or blanket big enough to wrap around your puppy or dog

A pair of clipper for dogs not people clippers but dog clippers, you can buy them at Wal Mart or any pet store

They have a couple of different styles but the all basically work the same.

A calming voice and reassurance

Styptic pencil or corn starch (very small amt )

Step 1


Lay all of your supplies next to you on a table or on the porch steps, wherever you plan on clipping your dogs nails.

Your dog or puppy may have never had their nails clipped before, or they may have had a bad experience or a great experience before , you never really know how your pooch will react.

Clipping your doggy's nails after a bath is an ideal time, because the nails are softer and more pliable , but it is not necessary to get the job done.

First , calm your dog down by using reassuring words, calmly petting them and telling them its okay and good boy, or good girl..etc. Don't try to do this when you have been gone all day and your friend is happy to see you or has just come in from running after the neighbors chickens, they are to hyped up for nail clipping!

Take the towel and wrap it around your furry friend, first decide if you want to start with the back paws or the front paws. I like to start with the front paws, It's totally just a preference . However you decide wrap the other end tightly to hold in the other extremities. In other words if you start with the front legs , bundle the back legs up firmly , so the dog cannot kick and jump out or scratch you in the excitement.

Make sure to pet and reassure your dog during this process, you can never give enough praise

Step 2


Now, take one of your dogs paws and stroke it lightly , a well lit place works better because you can see the vein in the dogs nails. However dogs with black nails are a bit harder , i usually try to take a light to see the vein or do a small clip on these nails , trying hard not to cut the vein and start bleeding. You will have times when the dogs nails will get clipped to short! ‚ ‚Â It will happen. The cornstarch or styptic pencil will help stop the bleeding. When it bleeds you will think you really did it good because it will seem like a lot of blood , when it actually is not.

Start from the outside and work inside clipping the nails , If your dog has pink nails where you can see through them you can judge where to cut them. Cut them just before the vein (Quick) then move from one nail to the other. Then switch paws. If it gets cut too close, dab on the cornstarch.

This also works good with two people , one holding the rear end of the dog while petting and reassuring them, and the other person clips away. Take your time, try not to rush. Once you do this a few times you will be a pro! You won't even think about it anymore.

When you finish clipping the front or back switch to the other side. Start the process over.

After all is said and done, your dog will appreciate it, your wallet will appreciate it and your furniture and floors will also appreciate it!

 ‚ ‚Â

I have not tried the new Pedi paws clipper yet, I plan to purchase one and give you a review. I will update you on that.

The reason i don't think pedi paws will work is because it is electric, dogs and buzzing noises don't go to well together. It would have to be mighty quiet.

Thank you for reading my article . Please post comments.

Tips & Warnings

Don't use regular people nail clippers! These are not the same. A dogs clipper is not expensive

Give your dog a treat if they do well or even if they don't

If it doesn't work good the first time, do one paw, then give the dog time to calm down and move to the next.