People have been collecting gold coins for a long time for the fun of it. They are fun to look at and they are a great investment to get into. Nowadays many people have been getting into buying coins because of the poor economy. Gold buyers are also afraid of the paper dollar eventually losing its value. Start collecting your gold coins now, as the price of gold will never decrease. This is one huge decision that you will never regret.

Things You Will Need

metal detector, place to store coins

Step 1

First, find a dealer that you can trust. Any secure US Mint website is a start. You know exactly how much you are getting and you can trust that their information they give you is accurate. At a US Mint website you also know that you are getting the best price out there for your gold coin.

Step 2

Next, find somewhere safe to keep your coins. Whether it be a fireproof safe, or getting in a safe at the bank make sure you leave your coins somewhere where you can trust 100% that your coins will be safe. Be sure not to tell anyone where your stash is.

Step 3

Use a metal detector to find your own gold coins in your backyard. You never know what your own backyard was used for. It could have been old farm land where farmers stored their coins underground. Metal detectors are also very popular on the beach as many valuable things could have been washed up from the lake or the ocean.

Step 4

Research your coins often. Find out how much you have profited from your coins. Keep in mind that you will not get rich overnight by collecting coins, however eventually your gold coins will bring you in a lot of money.


Tips & Warnings

Never buy coins from anyone that you don't know. Many people that list things on classified websites or newspapers are very sneaky. They can make you believe many things. A lot of them are scams and will convince you into thinking that you are getting a great deal.