As the cost of energy, especially electricity, rises it becomes more appealing for people to try to conserve energy. Whatever your motivation is, reducing your electricity usage is a good idea and doesn't need to impact your lifestyle. Just changing the way you do a couple things can greatly reduce your electric bill, if you decide to conserve more there will be more impact on your lifestyle.

Here are several ideas to help reduce electricity usage:

  • Eliminate phantom loads
  • Turn things off when you leave the room, lights, tv, stereo, etc
  • If you have a freezer, keep it full, even if you have to fill milk jugs with water
  • Bump the thermostat a couple degrees in the appropriate direction to get it to run less, most people wont even really notice a couple degrees
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat
  • Pull your blinds in the summer during the heat of the day to reduce solar gain
  • Hang your wash on the line instead of using the dry and they will smell wonderful
  • Set your water heater to 120 degrees, or better yet, get an on demand hot water heater
  • Change your lights to compact florescent
  • Change the filters in your furnace and air conditionerLight Bulb
Here are some ideas that involve some more work but once they are done can really pay off
  • Check and fix weather stripping around doors and windows
  • Improve/increase your attic insulation
  • Put plastic over the windows in the winter
If you are looking for major improvements and are willing to invest some money, which may earn you tax credits (check with an accountant) here are some things to do:
  • Get an on demand hot water heater, see above
  • Replace old single pane windows and doors with new energy efficient ones
  • Replace appliances with Energy Star appliances
  • Invest in a renewable energy system, solar, wind and/or micro-hydro
Many of these options just require the changing of some habits to reduce your electricity usage. Some of them just require the investment of money but wont really require any changes in habits. What ever combination of these and other options you plan to use, good luck on your journey to reduced energy usage.