A Small Dose of Stress is Good for Your Health

The reason why we get out of bed every morning is because there is a certain amount of stress in our body and the truth is that we all need it to live well and to do things like presentations, go to work and sports, among others.

 When there is too much stress as a result of an event that has affected us in a negative or even a positive way, such as a new job or too much work, lack of sleep or going on holiday; a divorce or even planning a wedding; the consequences in our body will be noticeable in a physical and physiologically way; many of the health problems are characterized by:

  • High blood pressure, headaches, heart diseases.
  • Anger, anxiety and fear.
  • Increases the cortisol level in our organism; this leads to a deterioration of our muscles and bones, and reducing the cellular regeneration.
  • It slows down the production of the anti-ageing hormone in our body.
  • Over production of oily skin, acne and other skin related problems.


Can Stress Be Good for You

According to some scientific studies, the appropriate amount of stress is good for your body; small doses have been linked to a reduction in diseases, including cancer; stress is the main reason why we perform tasks in our jobs, however constant stress in our workplace can cause high blood pressure and heart problems.

 Research has also shown that a periodic outbreak of stress that is resolved quickly has not negative effect in our body; in fact, it inspires our organism to repair itself quickly.


How Can You Track and Beat Stress?

1) Maintain a record – track your stress level from a scale of 1 to 10; if it is medium to high for two or more consecutive days, you need to plan relaxing activities such as a day in the park.

2) Stimulate your body with short bursts of stress - new activities, like going to a party where you do not know anyone can have a positive effect on our body.

3)  Stop focusing on the future – It is recommended to create a list of the things you have done and achieved in the past; people who only focus on the future tend to suffer from long-term stress; the future is something you cannot control.

4) Experiment with new sensations – for example, try a very spicy dish or go to the sauna or steam room; eating the new and spicy dish can be difficult at the beginning but it obliges the body to work overtime, stimulating your immune system and helping to regenerate our body.

5) Exercise - any exercise that makes you sweat will cause just enough stress to repair damages in your body.


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