Compulsive shopping is a common problem with frequent shoppers. You tell yourself "I am going to budget properly and not go over." The only problem is, many people who suffer from compulsive spending addictions use shopping as a way to cope with stress and other situations. Compulsive shopping is psychological and can be prevented with the right approach.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper

Step 1

Shop with pre-paid gift cards. You can buy pre-paid gift cards at large retailers or your local bank. These cards are great for people with shopping addictions because they simply won't let you go over your limit. These cards are inexpensive and can be reloaded over and over.

Step 2

Destroy all credit cards.This is designed to build your confidence. This step can be very difficult to do and many can't bring themselves to destroy all credit cards, but if you can destroy your credit cards, you will have more confidence in your ability to control this problem.

Step 3

Get a shopping partner. People with compulsive disorders will find a shopping partner beneficial. Try to find a partner that knows about the problem and has some experience with compulsive shopping. It can be a friend or co-worker but make sure it's someone you respect and will listen to.

Step 4

Seek moral support. Let friends and family know that you have a problem, so they can be aware of this when they go shopping with you. This can be quite difficult, you don't want to be the center of laughter or jokes, but you still need to let them know. You might be surprised to find they have the same problem. If you are married, seek guidance from your partner.

Step 5

Seek guidance from a professional if still can't stop spending. Psychologists are good at finding the root causes of compulsive shopping. They can also tell you alternative ways to reduce stress or seek comfort in other ways. Psychologists can be expensive, so this is a last resort.


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