Understand Maine Lobster and How to Cook.

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Lobster has been a staple for people vacationing in Maine for decades. Many tourist choose to vacation in Maine for the Amazing quality of Lobster. Well you may not be in Maine; but you can still enjoy preparing and eating lobster at any time of the year. Don't let the funny looking bug scare you, because on the inside Maine Lobster is the most succulent tasting meat you will ever eat. If you decide to visit Maine make it a staple to buy a lobster from the side of the road and cook it. Typical lobster ranges from $1.50 a pound on the street, to over $10.00 a pound in restaurants and stores.

Cooking Maine Lobster

Lobster cooking

One of the best ways to cook your Maine lobster is in a huge pot of boiling water. Place a fullpot of water filled up to the top on a stove and bring the water to a boil. Let the Lobster boil on average about 20 minutes, or when the lobster becomes red.

The Lobster is done, Now What?

After you have found out if the Lobster is done, take the pot off the stove and let it sit for a couple of minutes. If you choose, Throw some butter in a bowl and microwave it until it becomes liquidity. Put the melted butter in a dip bowl for dipping. Many people like to put a little garlic in the butter for flavoring..

Eating the lobster, tends to be the funnest part. You will break apart the entire lobster and use a pick to extract the meat out from the shell. If you find some green poop looking stuff its called tamales. Tamale is  a staple in Maine and a lot of local enjoy eating it.Make sure you check all the shells for meat, because they tend to hide from you. Wearing a plastic bib is a plus and another staple of Maine.

Best Maine Lobster Price

You can get the best prices when you buy in bulk next to the ocean. Lobster men and women have to put a lot of time and effort into catching their lobster. If you can get down to the docks in the early morning or early afternoon you maybe able to get some amazing deals. Try to stay away from Lobsters over 3 pounds. The lobsters may look amazing but the meat turn out to be wicked tough..

Camden Lobster Festivle

If you truly are into Maine lobster, try to make it to the Camden Lobster Festival that is held every summer. There are days and days of lobster awesomeness. Be ready to eat every flavor and style of lobster ranging from the original, to spicy, grilled, and cowdah. The crowning of the Miss Sea Goddess is also during the festival. If you are lucky sometime some Navy ships will dock and let tours.

Maine Lobster Fest

Now, you understand and know a lot more about Maine lobster. Don't think that Maine lobster is the same elsewhere. With these tips, you and your family will spend many summer nights with stomachs full of Lobster. If you can't buy Maine lobster where you are , try searching online for companies that will ship them to you. Be ready to pay TOP dollar to enjoy the best tasting lobster. Most companies will ship the Lobster out to you in a box filled with dry ice and with a recipe booklet.