Some users have noticed that when they connect their iPhones to their PCs running Windows the Autoplay feature no longer pops up to ask what you want to do with this connected device. No matter how many times you reset the defaults you no longer have a way to easily access things on your iPhone. You can still sync music and videos, and you can add more photos using iTunes, but it won't let you transfer pictures you take on your iPhone to your PC for safekeeping. My AutoPlay used to work fine until one day it suddenly didn't, it's unclear to me if Apple removed this feature with an update, or if it's automatically disabled once you reach a certain number of photos on your iPhone.

Things You Will Need

iPhone, PC running iTunes, free trial version of DiskAid

Step 1

Make sure that your iPhone when connected via USB to your PC is visible in iTunes. If it's not then you have another problem that I can't help you with. Also check if your iPhone is showing up in My Computer in Windows, if it is then you can also stop reading because you should then be able to browse your device from there and copy your pictures to your hard drive. This tutorial is only for people whose iPhone does not seem to get recognized by your PC in any other way except iTunes, which for purposes of copying photos to your PC is useless.

Step 2

Download and install the free trial version of DiskAid from this will work for 2 weeks after which you have to pay $9.90 in order to continue using it.

Step 3

Once installed launch the software and plug in your iPhone. DiskAid should detect the iPhone right away. To see your pictures click in the lower left corner of the GUI and select Media FolderDiskAid screenshot

Step 4

The pictures you have taken on your iPhone will be in the DCIM folder in the 100APPLE folder (1-999, if you have 1000 or more the additional ones will be in 101APPLE). Unfortunately the software doesn't let you select multiple files using ctrl or shift so I found the best way is to highlight the entire 100APPLE folder and then push the Copy to PC button in the toolbar to the left. Select a folder on your PC and then wait for DiskAid to do its thing.
I wrote this because I was going crazy trying to get the Autoplay to work on my PC, and I also tried 2 other PCs but none of them would acknowledge the iPhone. No matter how many times I changed the Windows defaults, or uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes and various drivers there just wasn't any way to get to the photos I had on the iPhone. There are many expensive apps in the appstore for transferring photos over WiFi, but I didn't want to pay for something that should just work in Windows, and did work at some point. I realize that using a trial version is a bit of a cop out, but if it works for you then a one time price of $9.99 isn't that steep of a price to pay compared to your monthly iPhone bill.

Tips & Warnings

Since I first found DiskAid I have heard that i-funbox can do the same thing absolutely free so I might try that when my 2 week trial of DiskAid is up.