Addressing an envelope correctly is really very simple. However, with current technology many people seldom have to address an envelope. This can mean that when they do suudenly have to, they are unsure of the correct procedure.

Without the appropriate information, included on an envelope, the post person may find that your mail is impossible to deliver. These days if you do not include the correct information your mail may never reach its destination.

Things You Will Need

Clean Hands

A postage stamp



The full postal address of the recipient

Neat and clear writing

Step 1

Place the stamp should in the top right hand corner of the envelope. Ideally leave a little space at the top, and to the right of this stamp, between it and the edge of the envelope.

You do not have to be prescise but if you are the envelope will look more professional.

Step 2

Write down the address on a piece of scrap paper, so that you know how long it is, how much room it will take up on the envelope and what it will look like. Do this by quickly writing each line of the address, under the previous line.

Step 3

Once you know how much space is needed for the address begin by writing the name of the person, or company, that you are writing to, in the middle of the envelope. By this I mean the middle from the sides.

Aim to have the address in a neat square or oblong type of shape in the middle of the envelope. In other words the name of the addressee will be in the middle but toward the top.

Step 4

Keep the left side of the name and address in a straight vertical line.

Step 5

Write the first line of the address directly under the name of the addressee. These days addresses are not written so that they slope to the right.

Step 6

Do not place a comma or full stop at the end of each line of the address. If there is punctation normally written in the address use it.

Do not use capital letters except for where they would normally be used. This is usually Surnames, Postcodes, Towns, Cities, Counties or States and Countries.

Step 7

THe basic layout for the address on an envelope is:-


House number, or house name, on the same line as the avenue, street or road;

Other information such as a road, the town or the city;

The postcode or zip code;

The county or state;

Finally if you are writing to another country, the last line would be the actual country.

Step 8

Here is a sample of such an adress:-

Mr and Mrs Fred Bloggs

50 Fairy Road

Bottom Estate



East Somerset


How to address an envelope, and write a letter, was, once upon a time, something that was included in the school curriculum. I doubt that this is the case these days. Let's face with the Internet, text messaging and quick emails, sending a letter is rarely necessary.

Remember though that one of these days you may have to address an envelope, for perhaps a bill or greeting card, and, when this happens, wouldn't it be good to be able to address the envelope properly?

Tips & Warnings

Remember that there may be sight differences in some countries.

If you want to add the sender's adddress, this is usually written on the back of the enevlope. On the flap. Alternatively you can write this in the top left hand corner of the envelope.

Neat and clear writing is essential.

Correct postcodes or zip codes are very important these days.