The HTC HD2 smartphone plays a wide variety of media formats. However, certain features require a specific audio formats. The alarm sounds, for example, need to be in the form of .wav files. Fortunately, with the help of a few free accessories it is quick and easy to convert mp3 audio to wav format.

Step 1

Power up your phone and computer.

Step 2

Download and install audio conversion software to your computer. Depending on your operating system and computer specifications, a physical restart of your computer may be necessary.

Step 3

Connect your phone to your computer using your phone's USB networking cable. Ensure that your phone is securely connected to and recognized by your computer.

Step 4

Start your conversion software. The software will display an index of the storage locations connected to your computer. Select your phone.

Step 5

Navigate to the file folder that contains the audio file you want to convert. Select the file.

Step 6

Choose your conversion format. In addition to wav, many converters offer a variety of audio codecs of varying quality and size. Select the format, quality and size that fits your needs.

Step 7

Select a location to save your file.

Step 8

Convert the file.


  • Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need

  • HTC HD2 smartphone

  • Personal computer

  • USB connection cable

  • Audio conversion software, such as Audioro converter


  • Be sure to check the specifications of your phone. The HTC HD2 can play a wide variety of audio formats, so a conversion may not be needed.


  • In order to protect both your phone and your computer, be certain to check your available storage space on both device. Adding data to a drive that is already full can severely damage it.