These days, Universities place too much emphasis on raw marks. I found this out first hand, when I did not achieve the necessary entry marks to get into my chosen course at university. However, through this process, I also discovered that virtually all universities, in the interest of not appearing to be discriminatory against mature age students, have integrated a method of entry that does not require one to have excelled at high school. This option of entry is also open to school leavers, although it is not necessarily advertised as such. I will explain how you can go about getting into university through this method here.

Things You Will Need

High School records, if you have any
Form of ID
All necessary information as requested by the university or college

Step 1

Enquire to your local university about alternate forms of entry. The necessary department will probably have a distinguishing name, such as "The Centre for Open Education" at my university. Find out when this centre will be open, what information you need to bring with you, and begin researching the requirements of the alternate entry method.

Step 2

Fill out the necessary forms when you attend the centre. You will probably need to pay some fees as well as maintain a certain level of academic performance (e.g. a pass average) in order to be offered a degree place.

Step 3

Ensure you have ample time off work, or other commitments, to allow sufficient study time. You will need approximately 5-6 hours per week of private study time per class, in addition to your time spent at class, in order to do well. Now is NOT a good time to fail - during alternate entry programs, if you fail a course they tend to scrutinise your suitability to university VERY seriously, so don't Although I have painted it as being slightly hard, don't worry too much about it. Just stick at it, take easy classes to get the marks you need (you can always take classes you want to take when you're in a degree and not in the alternate entry program) and work hard, and before you know it you'll be offered a place at your local university or college.

Tips & Warnings