Creating and Hiding Clues

Clues can be little riddles and rhymes. You can even make the clues a RAR computer file with a password on it. I like making the clues a puzzle for them to solve. Maybe an anagram or a math puzzle.

You can have a title of a book and then put random numbers on the clue. The random numbers should show pages in the book and on each page put a segment of the clue on each page.

Another idea is to have something to link all the clues together for a bigger puzzle at the end. For example, you can put a different colored dot on each clue and then cut the last clue into as many pieces as there were clues leading up to the end game. Then put the first segment in a balloon with the same color as the first clue. And the second segment in the balloon with the same color as the color on the second clue and so on and so forth. Then blow up the balloons up and mix them up so the hunter will then have to pop the balloons to get the clues.

If you have a theme you can also make the clues according to the theme that you have chosen. Use words that are common in that theme or items that are common in the theme. Also at every clue you can have a little gift or puzzle to help you solve the next clue.

You can also hide these clues on a cellphone or any other portable device. And the clue can be an audio file or even a picture. Another idea is to have the pictures create words or sentences like a picture of an eye for the word "I".

To hide a clue you can even try writing it using lemon juice and a Q tip on a white piece of paper so when it dries the paper is completely white. To help solve this clue you should have a glass of grape/cranberry juice (or any other juice that is really colored) so the hunter can pour it over the paper to show the message.

I have also tried hiding these clues in food. For example you can stick the first clue into a cupcake that you give the hunter. This method is one of the messier ones.

Another puzzle method you can use to create a clue is to wrap a strip of paper around a pencil and then use another pencil to write the clue across the paper so when you unravel the paper it seems as though it is a useless strip of paper. When the hunter finds the strip of paper make sure they find the exact pencil you used to have the paper wrapped around too.

If you have any other creative ideas don't forget to leave it in the comments! I hope this article has helped.