In this article I tried how to insert chart (graph) on a Microsoft Word 2007 application. First of all let us talk about why and when  we use charts.

When we present some data, we prepare a table and put the number in it. People can see all the information but it is hard to compare the data on a table. People need something visual to understand the things easily. When I was teaching Microsoft Word 2007 application, they were going to have a Science Fair soon. Their science teacher asked me to teach them how to use graph. This is how I explained my students how to use graph step by step.

Click on Insert tab

In the illustration group chose “chart”

On the “Insert chart” dialog box choose “3D Clustered Column” and click OK

The word document will open an excel document  with sample data on it automatically

Change the data on the table as shown below 


Close the excel document and you will have this chart


Right click on the chart you inserted into word document and choose “Edit Data”

The excel document you put the data into earlier is going to pop up again.

When the Design tab chosen, click on “Switch Row/Column”  then you will change the chart to 


To put the data above the bars, right-click any bar and choose “Add Data Labels”

To change the properties of the labels, right-click on any label and you will see a menu that you can change font size, font color…. You can choose the one desired.

To change the bars color, right-click on the bar which you want to change the color and choose “Format Data Series”. In the Format Data Series dialog box, choose “Fill” on the left side and then choose “Solid fill” on the right side. You will see color option in there and you can choose any color you want.

When you follow these steps, you will have exactly the same chart as seen on the picture. There are the different type of charts for different purpose. This type is the most used in Science Fairs.