A Google Custom Search enables you to put the power of the Google search engine to work for you and/or your site. You can create a custom Google search to search only your site or a list of sites. The list of sites is nice if there are certain sites that you are allowed to do research on but can't use others. If you develop a search engine that is used by others for searching your site or list of sites you have the potential to earn some Google AdSense income.

Google AdSenseSetupYou will need an Google AdSense account to setup a Google custom search. In the Google AdSense account switch to the AdSense Setup tab (see image). On the list of options select 'AdSense for Search' to begin setting up the custom Google search.

Google AdSense Search SetupThe first setup screen requires you do fill out most of the necessary settings. The main thing to define is weather or not the search is to cover the entire web or just a list of sites. I'm going to just create a Google Custom Search to only search Info Barrel. Put the sites you want to search in the 'Selected Sites' box, listing one site or page per line. In the 'Optional Keywords' you can add keywords to help target the ads display on the search results page.

The more options section should not require much changing by default, but look them over and make what changes you feel necessary. Click on the 'Continue' button to move to the screen where you set the way the search box is supposed to look.

Google Adsense Search Look

There are several options on how the Google Search can be defined to look. You will want to select the look that most closely matches or compliments the site or page you will be placing the search on. The next page is where you define how the results will be handled and look.

Google Adsense Search Name

Google AdSense Search resultsThe Google Search Results can be displayed in your own site or a Google Results page that can have your sites logo and colors on it. The final step is to name your Google Search and to get the code.After you get the code for your Custom Google Search you can add it to your desired website.