product photography studio
Credit: Marlon Blackman

an early version of my studio i set up for product photography.


You will first need some type of camera. Depending on the type of products you plan to photograph, you should keep the camera's capabilities in mind. Most entry-level DSLR's can get the job done. If you are planning on photographing small objects you should look into getting a macro lens. I shoot with both canon 7d and 6d. Although these cameras are a bit on the pricey side, if you are planning on being a photographer in the long run, or own a business that requires quality images, the benefits will heavily outweigh the price and most likely pay off the original investment of the camera. 


To avoid camera shake you should get some type of tripod. A lot of inexpensive tripods have been listed on sites like Craigslist for as low as $10. light stands are easily made with different house hold items. Light stands are very useful when angling the light and leveraging for the best place.

One Easy Way To Make A Light Stand


  1. Take an old 1 gallon paint can
  2. cut or buy a piece of wood that is straight. this will represent the height of your light stand. height will vary depending on how high you would like this stand. ex 5' or 8'
  1. once you  have steps 1&2 complete, simply take some concrete and fill the 1 gallon paint can. then place wood inside. keep it as straight as you can. tape usually does a good enough job keeping the stick straight until concrete dries.




lighting is relatively easy. Cost is roughly $10-$20 at local home improvement store. What you want to look for is a LED or flourescent bulb that imitates Natural Daylight. Natural Daylight is usually around 5000k. To hold the bulb you will need a Clamp Lamp. these lamps are reasonable, and it's worth it to get more than one.

Reflective Umbrella soft lighting

CowboyStudio Photography/Video Portrait Umbrella Continuous Triple Lighting Kit with Three Day Light CFL Bulbs, Three Stands, Two Umbrellas, and One Carrying Case For Product, Portrait, and Video Shoots
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(price as of May 6, 2015)
this can be very useful when trying to achieve soft light in opposed to hard light. soft light does not cast a hard shadow against the product/object you are trying to photograph.


lastly the easiest part is the background. Go to your local craft store and but some flexible white paper. Staying away from folds and creases, place the paper in a way that it makes a slight curve behind the object you are photographing.  with the right amount of practice your shots will be looking like professional quality in no time.

Alternative to paper background

Idirectmart Photo Tent Table Top Studio Light Photography Soft Box Kit - Size 19.5-Inch Cube
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(price as of May 6, 2015)
If your one of those people that just can't things right (like me) this kit may be for you. it honestly just simplifies the amount of resources you have to pull together. this kit includes a tripod 2 bulbs, 4 backgrounds, and a white box which emits soft light. its perfect.