Many men are desperate in their love life. They cruise dating sites in the hope they will meet their ideal partner. However the chance that this happens is very small. The women that subscribe to dating websites and other services are often the sort you do not want. Women found here are often gold-diggers, liars and cheaters.  What you should do is learn some basic pickup skills and practice these techniques in a local bar, on the street or in your favorite supermarket. It really doesn’t matter where, as long as you just do it.

Vocal tonality

Very important is your vocal tonality. It shows instantly if you are a confident man or rather insecure. Therefore practice to have a loud, clear and concise articulation. This will make you immediately stand out from other men. Furthermore it is a crucial skill in night clubs and bars, where loud music often makes it difficult to have decent conversation.


Another important step is to be physical. No woman wants to be with you if you cannot be physical. This implies holding her hand, cuddling her or wrapping your arm around here. It is advised, however, to begin with this slowly. Give her a high-five or shake hands. Later on, you can try more advanced things like wrapping your arms around here.

Eye contact

Eye contact is not only crucial for your dating life, but also for your social life in general. You must be able to hold eye contact. If you cannot do this, you will not stand a chance. If you are bad at this, start practicing in your daily life, for example, when you do groceries pay attention to looking other people in the eye. However do not overdo this or people will think you are a maniac.


Always try to advance things. When you are at the end of the conversation, go in for the kiss, if appropriate. You have nothing to lose, because you may see the woman in question never again. In other cases, ask her number or Facebook.


Picking up your ideal women is not that hard. However you have to practice a few essential skills to become better in this game. The most important are: Eye contact and vocal tonality. If you master these specific skills, meeting new women will be a very easy endeavor for you.