There are many programs available that enable you to create pdf documents, however many of these charge silly money for what you can essentially do for nothing.

Things You Will Need

To create the pdf document for free you will need

*A computer with at least windows XP

*Internet Access

*Your content you want to convert into PDF document

*5 minutes & maybe a cuppa (the cuppa is optional)

Step 1

Visit & download open office for free. (Open Office is a free office program similar to microsoft office. Because of the fact that it is free & it is made by a major software manufacturer, open office is gaining popularity & also gaining a huge share of the percentage of people who use office programs.)

Once downloaded, run & install open office on your computer.

Open the program & write out your text document that you want to convert to a pdf.

Do a final spell check to ensure everything is right.

Now click FILE (on the top tool bar in open office) and select EXPORT AS PDF.

The pop-up box gives you options to personalise the pdf document such as password protection or whether it opens in adobe reader or Internet Explorer, amongst other things.

Once you personalise your pdf file & click export, you get the option of where you want to export the PDF file. For simplicity I export the file to the desktop & move it to wherever you want to put the file.

Thats it, you have now created your basic pdf documents for free.

Tips & Warnings

I only use open office to convert basic text documents into pdf files.

If you are looking to make your own ebooks, although this might be possible, you would have to have a play about with the program until you figure out how to do it.

Once you figure this out, dont forget to creat a how-to guide on infobarrel.