You want to start a new career but not sure what you want to do or how to get started. You need goals. Once you decided what career you want to focus on, the goals will help you create the plan to get started with your career. If you have not decided what industry you want to work in, your first goal should be to research different professions. You may want to do this research every day for a week. There are websites you can go to and learn about various fields. You should review the description of jobs. Look at education requirements and salary information. Once you are done researching your industries and have decided on a field, your next goal will be how to obtain a position in this area.

If having the proper education is a requirement, you will start there first. Make a decision to go to school and set a date for when you will start. Check out the universities that offer the plan of study you need. Make an appointment to sit down with an academic advisor. You can discuss your goal of obtaining this degree with the advisor and he/she will create a curriculum plan with you to meet your needs. If possible try to get an intern in your chosen industries. This will help you to gain first-hand experience in your career.  If you plan to use financial assistance such as financial aid, you will need to make an appointment with a financial aid advisor to discuss your options. Make a goal for how long you plan to be in school. You academic advisor should be able to tell you this.  Try to complete your course work before the date.

If you already have a degree and just want to change jobs your goals will be different. If you want to go into an entire different industry all together you will need to research your new area of interest. Do not just select a career for the pay. Although having more money is a good perk, use that has an additional benefit besides loving the career itself. Learn all about what the occupation consist of and how far you can go in the position if that is your desire. If you have a degree or the job does not require one, make sure have the transferrable skills needed to do the job. 

Once you have decided on a career, you may want to talk to someone whom already works in the industry. This will give you a firsthand account on what the job entails. Speak with more than one person in this industry, preferably on different levels in the business. You can do this by setting up an information interview. This is where you go to different companies and let them your decision to work in this profession. Inform them you are not trying to solicit a job; your purpose is to gain insight on the vocation.