Info Barrel is a great place to post original articles. After publishing your articles you want them to be read! So after spending hours creating great content, why not spend a few minutes promoting that article?

SheToldMe does two things for you:
1. Creates a link to your Info Barrel article that can be found by Google and other search engines.
2. Posts a "scoop" about your article to the SheToldMe community that can also send readers your way.

Things You Will Need

1. A SheToldMe account. We'll show you how.
2. AdSense and Chitika account information (can be added later).
3. A few minutes to post your scoop.

Step 1

Request a SheToldMe account here. You'll enter a desired account ID, your Email address and pick an Avatar.

Step 2

Motivation - each account request requires a few sentences about why you want a SheToldMe account. Don't skip this step!

Step 3

Enter you preferred website URL. This can be your blog URL, your Info Barrel profile page URL ...

Step 4

Enter your AdSense ID and your Chitika name. You can get the process started first and come back and add this info later.

Step 5

Submit your request, and be patient. They are small and busy, so approval may take a few days but it's worth the wait.

Step 6

Once you are approved, submit your first scoop. A word of caution here, scoops can't be edited after publication, so check your URL (the reason you are doing this!) and your scoop text carefully.

You scoop should be a few sentences selling your great Info Barrel article.

Step 7

Now go back and do a scoop for each of your content articles.

Step 8

Create a new Info Barrel article, and then send a new scoop out for it on SheToldMe. It takes a few minutes to get a SheToldMe account, and a few minutes writing and posting scoops, but that is small effort after you've spent the time creating that great Info Barrel article.

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Tips & Warnings

Remember to sell your article in the scoop. Use you creative side here. How would you like somebody else to summarize your article in a few sentences? That's your scoop.