Ok you've created a great article on Info Barrel. It's out there for the Info Barrel community to read and enjoy. Now how about extending the reach of your article?

Xomba does three things for your article:
1. Publishes a blurb about your article to help you find more readers.
2. Creates a link to your article to be found by Google and the other search engines, your backlink.
3. Gets your URL out to Google faster because the Xomblurb gets indexed quickly..

Things You Will Need

1. A Xomba account. We''ll help with that.
2. AdSense account information (can be added later).
3. A few minutes to post each blurb.

Step 1

Create a Xomba account here. You need to provide account information - an Email address, a desired user name, and your account password.

Step 2

Next you need to provide some personal information - age, gender, country, city and state.

Step 3

The last enrollment step is to agree to the terms of service, promise not to plagiarize, and make some optional decisions on newsletter and survey sites.

Step 4

Click the "create new account" button. Then go write another Info Barrel article, because you are going to have to wait patiently to be accepted.

Step 5

When you are approved, write your first Xomblurb on one of your Info Barrel articles. You can edit Xomblurbs after they are posted. The next few steps talk about creating good Xomblurbs.

Step 6

Xomblurb Title - Consider using the essence of your Info Barrel article title with a slight twist at the beginning or end. For example, if your article title is "How to write an Info Barrel article", consider using something like "Tips on how to write an Info Barrel article."

Step 7

Xomblurb Category - they have a weak selection list, so just grab something in the ballpark.

Step 8

Xomblurb Tags - five tags separated by commas. Suggest you do five tags, and try for multi word tags that hit your article and Xomblurb Summary.

Step 9

Xomblurb Type - Select Article.

Step 10

Xomblurb Link - The URL of your Info Barrel article.

Step 11

Xomblurb Summary - go for three or four sentences that introduce your article. Your task here is to sell the article. You are happy if you just get a backlink, but you are happier if you get a reader!
Another way to get backlinks and publicity is SheToldMe. There are many ways to publicize your Info Barrel article, blog or other online writing.

One of the great things about this form of promotion is that these blurb sites (Xomba, SheToldMe, Digg, etc.) get Google indexed very fast which gets your link and your title keywords out there faster!

Tips & Warnings

Don't just copy the first paragraph from your article into your Xomblurb. Put a little thought into creating a selling summary!