How to Begin Your Very Own Cleaning Business!

First part of the journey I have had to starting my own cleaning business.

  1. How to Create your Cleaning Business Part 1 (deciding that this is what you want to do, business plan, strategy)

  2. First off, DO NOT put an ad in the paper (costly and there are way too many)!  Through my own experiences, I received ONLY two calls and had the ad running for two weeks. I went to their house and they explained what they wanted.  One woman wanted me to clean, no exaggeration, over 50 breakable nicknacks to clean!!  I was just starting out and not bonded or insured!  But being they were the customer and were right, I agreed and gave her a resonable estimate of only 70 big bucks (psh!) - knowing I would probably be there for longer 7 hours, I just needed to start somewhere!  The other lady had footies by the door to put on, her house was spotless already (and she wanted to me clean over everything she had!), and wanted all the extras too! Well, she it ended up being a  waste of my time of over an hour trying to sell me!

  3. Best bet to start your client list = Friends are highly recommended! Especially if that friend already had a cleaning lady or company.  My first client was my best friend whom already had a cleaning lady but was willing to give me the opportunity to start my business, p.s. - it helps to give her a much cheaper price than what she is paying : )  Then, when she had people over they thought her house never looked SO clean!  This is where the real magic of the business is.  Not only did her house look professional, I was reliable and someone she could trust (which is the another huge plus in this business!) - I know I would not want a total stranger cleaning my house, but a friend of a friend, someone who knows them personally, will help.  Your friends will get the word out for you, at her salon, dinner parties, someone is always looking for a reliable, trustworthy cleaning lady!

  4. BE Reliable! I cannot say this enough!  You have one day and one time for this client.  No switching day, time, etc. cleaning companies and other cleaning ladies do this all the time. (AS my friend would say I would never know when or if she was coming the week she was suppose too!)  If for some reason you need to switch their slot, make sure it is an important reason, as you must cater to your clients.  Also, the first time you clean a new client's home - it will take allllll day.  The reason being because you haven't developed that routine yet and need to get adjusted to the new surroundings, best methods to clean this and that, etc..

  5. Remember starting a business takes time! One client at first is an amazing start! Start asking your friends if they have a cleaning lady or a friend of a friend who uses one! Believe me most are very unhappy. Start out by finding out out how much she pays her lady or company; and offer a better deal than what they are paying.  Most of the time, people are overcharged, are unhappy with the service and their cleaning person/company are unreliable.  A great sales pitch is to have them give you an opportunity to do it for less price and better quality, and give them reliability they can trust.  

Best of Luck!!  Do not ever hesitate to message me questions or leave comments if you need more help or guidance!  Thanks for reading everyone!