In the summer months most people want to head outside and enjoy a porch or patio however nothing ruins that enjoyment faster than mosquitoes, flies, bees or even ants. Learning how to create your own natural pest bug control can help create a peaceful backyard experience that is safe for you, your children and pets. The best thing is that these steps are easy to do and will save you money rather than hiring professional exterminators to come spray each month or every so often. Pest bug control means more than just lighting a citronella candle which is usually the most that your average person will do. Pest bug control means preventing and treating insects from a few angles to stop attracting more bugs and killing off the ones that have already called your backyard home.

The first thing you need to do in your yard is prevention for pest bug control. Walk around your yard and look for any situation where there is standing water. This is common in fountains, bird baths and even backed up gutters. Standing water is a breeding pit for mosquitoes so you want to be sure everything is well draining in your yard. Be sure that after every barbeque you do a round of proper cleanup and do not leave behind bits of food or crumbs which will attract ants or other insects. Nothing looks better on a porch than some potted plants and if you are going to pick a few to decorate why not select varieties that act as natural pest bug control! Marigolds work as natural pest bug control and are very hardy and easy to grow. Thai lemon grass also works as a natural pest bug control for mosquitoes and can be found like Marigolds commonly at most garden centers. Sweet basil and mint both act as repellents as well for flies. If you follow some of these steps you can prevent a full blown annoyance in the yard however if you already have the problem, the next part will talk about how to treat any pest that is plaguing your backyard enjoyment.

The first thing you should always keep outside with you is simply a small spray bottle of soapy water. Soapy water is the easiest natural pest bug control you will find. It will kill on contact most things such as ants, cockroaches or silverfish. Outdoor fly paper and traps do exist and this will help mitigate the problem or a fly zapper should help clear up the problem. When barbequing try throwing sage and rosemary on the grill. The scent mixed with the smoke will scare away any mosquitoes. If you have ant problems one way to kill off their path is to lay down cayenne pepper or citrus oil in the line in which the ants are moving. These different ways will work to act as natural pest bug control though there are many more ways out there these are all very easy options you can do with what you have in your house already and enjoy a nice sunny summer day.