Know, handle and prevent acne

Generally many have a false idea that persons with oily skin are the ones who are affected by acne and those with dry skin are safe enough. But people with dry skin, accompanied by severe acne, have proved this to be false. Though you posses dry or oily skin, when acne conditions are happened; sure, you will be in search of quick and effective measures to get rid of it.

Acne depends on food habits

 You will be ready to spend, even thousands and more dollars to the doctors and beauticians to get back your healthy skin. Unfortunately, those creams can only lessen the acne conditions and can never be 100% efficient. This is because, acne characteristics mainly depends on the food habits of a person. People adding lots of oils and fats are subjected to acne without any doubt.

Handle Acne by reducing the fats and increasing the vegetables

So what can be the best food habits? Fine, as stated above, eliminating oil and fats can rapidly bring down the acne effects. Don’t be too smart and avoid fats completely as it may lead to some adverse effects; because, in a hygienic food’s contents, fat also holds an important rank. Adding good quantity of vegetables to your diet is one of the best proven medications for acne condition. After knowing this, teenagers have gone crazy about the vegetables and are adding those quiet often to their diets.    

Water plays an important role to cure as well as prevent acne

Then taking up some considerable amount of water, say about 8 -10 glasses a day is advisable for acne affected persons and the unaffected persons can hold this as a preventive measure. Normally acne skin pores would be clogged by dirt and when plenty of water is drunk, they flush out through the small pores in the form of sweat; thus throwing away the toxins. Moreover water is found to be very cheap and I think everyone can try for this.

Prevent Acne

Persisting acne conditions gives you the gift of scars, but none wants it. So, in the case of acne it is always advisable to prevent, than to cure. Since oily skin plays an important and favorable role for acne, better to use the best soaps and cleanser such that it cleans thoroughly and prevents oil production. Blindly don’t go for the products that are published through television and radio ads. Always check for the contents within a cleanser and make sure that chemical contents are very low; as too much of chemicals can bring down your skin’s nutrition

Choose Wisely

Wisely choose the cosmetics with respect to your skin’s nature. Cosmetics made especially for oily skin has to be adopted only by those people while the others can go for mild contented creams.  

But always have the best option of natural products like honey, juices of fruits, curd and some more to avoid side effects.           



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