You will read and hear everywhere you look that medical practitioners, natural therapists, and any all the self help gurus you care to think of all have their own thoughts on how to cure depression. The fact is that each person suffering depression is unique, their symptoms although classically diagnosable into a certain category will be slightly unique, and especially the underlying trigger will be unique. In all no two people are able to be treated the same way to achieve exactly the same results. Although the same treatment may be applied to two different people, and that treatment may be effective any depression sufferer will be doing themselves an injustice if they did not look into all of the methods available to them of how to cure depression.
There any many different thoughts on how to cure depression, most people will immediately take the advice of their doctor. Your local doctor has a scientific background and his education will tell him to offer you medication. Your doctor is driven by his peer group and association and licensing requirements to offer you structured treatment. Your doctor is also very likely to prescribe you a course of medication which he may receive a commission for. You can always ask him to disclose this; it is your right to know. This is the safe alternative in your doctor's mind. Pills, there are many more ways to treat depression that can compliment your doctors prescribed medication. Note, this author is not suggesting that you should not take the advice of your doctor.
Other methods discovered of how to cure depression or at least how to supplement your medication to provide the most normal and balanced mood are available for free and are merely changes you can make in your lifestyle choices. These methods all revolve around trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and specifically include, exercise, diet, and relaxation. There is also the option of taking supplemental medication such as natural herbs and even attending therapy or group classes.

Exercise to cure depression

Regular exercise Lots of people don't want to hear this as the majority of us don't want to exercise. We are comfortable sitting on the couch watching television and reaching for that extra beer or chocolate. This is the scourge of modern society, we have become lazy, there is even research to suggest that our inactivity can even contribute to the onset of depression. Think about it, depression is a relatively new illness to mankind, inactivity is also relatively new. When we used to hunt and gather the biggest concern in our lives was how much could we hunt and gather. How times have changed, food is not packaged and processed, we have desk job and modern conveniences, our waist lines have expanded and we have never been less happy.
Anyway, getting back to the cure of your depression, exercise. Exercise makes you feel good, maybe not so good when you first start if you haven't exercised for years but if you persevere you will learn to enjoy it. In fact you body will even start to crave it, the more active you become the more your body will want you to be active. There is a natural high to be had with exercise by the release of endorphins into the body. This endorphin release will make you feel good, so aside from the obvious benefits to your physical health that exercise can provide it can also provide mental health benefits.
Another aspect of physical exercise that some depression suffers enjoy is that you can concentrate on the activity of exercise, whether it be a team sport, an aerobic work out, dance classes, you need to concentrate to perform at your peak. This will have the effect of not only focusing your mental energy to achieve an outcome but it will help you not to focus on your depression related problems. Exercise is a very useful activity to anyone wondering about the first step to take in how to cure depression.

How to cure depression with the right diet
Healthy FoodMany studies have linked the onset of depression with certain chemical imbalances in the brain. These chemical imbalances are often able to be rectified by eating the right diet. One of the chemical closely associated with depression is Omega-3 fatty acids, which is commonly found in oily fish such as tuna and mackerel. The association with depression and Omega 3 (or lack of it) is highlighted by countries that have a heavy reliance on the sea for their diets and those that have a heavy reliance on fast food, and pre made TV dinners. Those countries when people consume more sea food have a very much reduced rate of depression.
There are many foods that you can eat to assist in your endeavors to cure depression; however you should not take any generic advice. Speak to your doctor or nutritionist to design a depression diet specifically for your conditions, remember that every case of depression is different and so to should you treat it differently than your friend with depression. Get specific advice for yourself for the best benefit.

Meditation can supplement you medication to help cure depression
Be at peace with yourselfRemember that all the advice in this article is supplemental to the advice of your doctor. If he has prescribed you medication make sure you take it. Meditation is a great way to de-stress and clear the mind. Meditation is a big part of the Asian culture, the Asian societies have a very low rate of depression, so they must be on to something here. Meditation, similar to exercise, can be used to clear the mind of the daily grind and focus mental energy, as well as promote entire body unity. The problem with many depression sufferers is they are unable to relax, insomnia is common for people with depression. If this is you learn to relax, learn to meditate.
Starting to meditate is not always easy and is usually more difficult for people with depression. Unfortunately depression can be an overriding factor and make it very difficult. Don't expect meditation to be an overnight s success, as with all depression treatments you have to be vigilant, routine, and consistent over a period of time. But especially with meditation and learning to relax this will be a skill that needs to be practiced, keep it up and you will get better. Practice meditation regularly and you will sleep better and you will be able to find your place of true peace and hopefully develop coping mechanisms to help you on your path to curing depression.

Natural remedies
Mixing Natural RemediesNatural remedies have been sold in supermarkets for years, they usually work by targeting stress and anxiety, and although will be able to help with depression you need to take care and seek the advice of your doctor before taking any other substance that can alter the chemical imbalances within your body.
St John Wort is perhaps the most common natural remedy associated with depression. Acacia Berry is claimed to be many things, but it will not be the answer of how to cure depression, you have been warned.

Therapy may be a good release
Get some helpMany depression sufferers, and particularly those suffering more serious levels of depression need specialist advice. It is all well and good to be able to talk to friends and family but they cannot offer the specialist advice, and often do not understand what you are going through. Worse, is that when they offer any advice you may take it and it could be completely wrong for you. If you are going to seek council, talk to a professional or at least find someone who can relate to what you are experiencing. It is important that you feel comfortable discussing your problems. Often counseling will be in groups in people with similar problems, or you can get one on one support.
If you choose to seek therapy make sure you are open and honest about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. People cannot help you if you are not truthful or willing to disclose all, so be prepared to share.
There are many more ways you can help yourself to cure depression, and there is no one single right way, if you try, and experiment make sure you are prepared to give it a chance to work. This will require commitment on your behalf. It is usually easier if you have help so no matter what path you choose you can always ask that others help you, either by helping to cook the right meals, making a commitment to exercise, taking meditation classes with you and so on. If you give something a try and you don't notice any results right away don't become disheartened, if you stick at it long enough the results will come, and you may just find that elusive answer to your own question of how to cure depression.