The comprehensive list to successfully treat Plantar Hyperhidrosis

Do you suffer sweaty and smelly feet? Are they stopping you from living your life to the full? Are they embarrassing to you and your family? Are you even scared to take your shoes and socks off?

You shouldn't worry because you are not alone in the slightest! Plantar Hyperhidrosis (the official medical term) can be treated successfully through the use of various products (both natural and specialist) and techniques. This article will take a good look at 8 ways to cure sweaty and smelly feet.

For us to be able to successfully treat the problem, we need to understand the cause of it. There are 3 major reasons for your feet to sweat and the combination of all three only exacerbate the situation. These are:

  • The feet are known to have the highest concentration of sweat glands in the entire human body. If you already sweat lots from other areas of the body, then it is almost certain you will experience the same (if not worse) symptoms on your feet.
  • The majority of people cover their feet with socks and shoes. These two items can restrict the fresh air getting to your skin and are designed to keep your feet warm (that hardly helps)
  • Your skin tends to be covered in dead skin cells and bacteria

Now we know how the problem occurs, we can begin to explore ways on how to treat the issue. Here are 8 tried and tested ways to help cure Plantar Hyperhidrosis:

1. Bathe your feet in tannin sage tea

It would always be worth checking to see what the herbal remedy universe has to offer when it comes to solving a health related issue. Sage tea does just that. The tannic acid within the sage has been discovered to be a fantastic natural anti-perspirant.

It has been noted that you should boil between 4-5 tea bags in a litre of water for 5-6 minutes and then leave it to cool. Once at a tolerable temperature, soak both feet for 20-25 minutes.

If the skin on your feet begin to react to the mixture, remove them straight away and adjust the time your feet are submerged slightly the next time around. You should do this until you find a happy medium and can pleasantly let them soak. If you repeat the process daily, you will begin to see that it works wonders!

A personal favourite among those who use this process to treat their foot sweat are the  Floradix Organic Sage Herbal Teabags. They come in a pack of 6, and contain 15 packs (90 packs in total). 

2. Use Anti-fungal spray/cream

It may be a bit of a challenge to find a genuine good quality anti-fungal or anti-bacterial spray. There are plenty of "off the shelf" solutions which don't help in the slightest. Once you do find one, it should help to effectively destroy any sweat-causing bacteria that are hiding on your feet. You should apply some straight after washing to prevent the build up of bacteria which could potentially lead to some very repulsive conditions such as athletes foot. The spray (or cream) will also help to stop your feet from sweating leave them smelling pleasant.

There are sprays out there that can be applied into direct into your shoes. You would tend to do this overnight whilst you are not wearing them, leaving the spray the largest amount of time to work.  Products such as the Daktarin Dual Action Spray are well known to work effectively.


3. Ensure that you wash and dry your feet properly

It is extremely important that you make sure that you wash your feet properly making completely sure that you wash away all soap or cleaning products away from the surface of the skin.

You should then dry in between your toes making absolutely sure that the skin is almost bone-dry. It is vital that you do this before putting your socks or shoes on because this will allow them to breathe effectively and to sweat least. If you wash your feet twice a day, you are more likely to minimise the chance of your feet sweating excessively.

4. Use medicated insoles

A great off-the-shelf product that can help solve your sweaty feet pretty much straight away. The work to kill off the smell-causing bacteria which is a major cause of excessive sweating on your feed. There are plenty of solutions out there but Odor-Eaters Insoles are known to be extremely effective. 

5. Swap your shoes over daily

Try your hardest not to wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Make sure you change your footwear regularly to give your shoes a minimum of 24 hours to dry out. This will help to cut the moisture and bacteria that will have aggregated throughout the day. If you wear the same pair of shoes a few days in a row, it will only add to the build up.

6. Put Baking soda in your shoes

Who would have thought it? Baking soda is useful for more than just baking and making vinegar bombs. It's actually a great cure for smelly shoes and feet.

Your sweat is acidic and baking soda is alkaline. The mixture of the two together turns it into a gas. This results in the bacteria being absorbed and evaporates into the atmosphere, taking your sweat with it.

It is a recommend that you scatter a few pinches of baking soda in your shoes when you remove them at the end of the day. This should sufficiently remove any remaining bacteria. The next morning, remove the baking soda and it should leave your shoes smelling fantastic. 

7. Surgical Spirit

Following your shower or bath, you dab the area in between your toes with cotton wool soaked in surgical spirit. The surgical spirit dries out the skin after drying with a towel.

8. Buy an antiperspirant

Just like any variation of Hyperhidrosis there are plenty of antiperspirants in the world which work to help reduce or stop sweat. These work at their best when they are applied to skin that has been dried completely.

Some antiperspirant manufacturers charge huge amounts for their product and can be very ineffective. It is recommended that you purchase one with a high concentration of aluminum chloride (8% or more) for it to work well.

Even though it is not specific to foot sweat (the aluminum chloride amount is the decisive factor), we recommend the Driclor Antiperspirant (75ml).

These tips should effectively aid you with the treatment of your Plantar Hyperhidrosis and we wish you the best of luck for the road ahead!

We hope you enjoyed the article!