firefox (20609)One of the biggest advantages of using Firefox as a browser is that is supports a multitude of "add-ons" for customization. With the use of these add-ons, you can make your browser more efficient, informative, and enjoyable to use while changing its appearance to fit your style.

Things You Will Need

Firefox browser
-Latest version be downloaded for free at

Internet connection

Step 1

First, you must navigate to the Mozilla site to install add-ons. Go to, click on Firefox, then on the Add-ons button on the top toolbar. You should now be on the add-ons page; from here you can search and browse through the many add-on options for Firefox.

Step 2

Once you find an add-on you like, click on it, then click on the green "Add to Firefox" button. A confirmation screen will come up. After you confirm and download the add-on, you will probably have to restart Firefox, which means simply closing the current Firefox window and opening another one.

Step 3

PersonasUse add-ons to personalize Firefox. A good place to start is the Personas Plus add-on. This allows you to apply any one of many thousands of available skins to Firefox to completely change its appearance. Skins you can use with Personas Plus are available at

Step 4

Other add-ons are available to enhance personas, notably personas rotator, which changes persona skins periodically, and personas expressions, which gives a few new features like ability to change persona font colors.

Step 5

Try out other add-ons. Add-ons can serve a wide variety of functions: ones like Adblock Plus stop annoying adverts from disrupting your browsing, DownThemAll is a great download manager that increases the speed and ease of downloading, and ImTranslator translates webpages in foreign languages while you browse. Some add-ons allow you to perform specific tasks better; for example, the Wikipedia toolbar helps you browse Wikipedia.

Step 6

Search through the database of add-ons until your browser is just the way you want it.

Tips & Warnings

-Just because an add-on is on Mozilla's website doesn't mean it works, or that it's safe. To avoid the risk of downloading a bad add-on, make sure you do not download any add-ons labeled "experimental" or Beta.