Keep your branding consistent throughout the purchase transaction

If you use PayPal to process sales transactions, follow these easy steps to add your logo to your order summary/checkout page.

1. Log into your PayPal account

2. Click on Profile (far right in the gray navigation bar)

3. Select My Selling Tools (bottom of left side bar)

4. Under Selling Online, click the Update link to the right of Custom payment pages

5. Click the Add button (around the center of the page under Your Page styles)

6. Now you need to get the URL for your image. (Note: 190 pixels x 60 pixels is the maximum size allowed) If you use WordPress go to the Media Library and find your logo or whatever image you'd like to use. (If you use a different platform or HTML, you will need to FTP the logo onto the server and get the URL.)

7. If using WordPress, from the Media Library, click the Edit link under the image, and copy the File URL.

8. Now go back to PayPal.

9. Fill in the name of this checkout page. No spaces or special characters are allowed, i.e., 'checkout'.

10. Paste the URL of the logo into the Logo Image URL field. It will be something like the one in our example:

11. In this case we like the gray gradient PayPal provides as a default but you can also change the background color using HTML hex code. In hex code colors are assigned number/letter values. Here are the most common colors in hex:

  •     white = ffffff
  •     black = 000000
  •     red = ff3300
  •     blue = 003399
  •     green = 009900
  •     yellow = ffff00
  •     orange = ff9900
  •     pink = ff00cc

12. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

13. Now you need to change the Primary page type from PayPal to the new page you created by ticking the circle next to the new page name.

14. Click the Preview button to see how your order summary, or checkout, page looks. If you're not happy, go back and adjust accordingly by clicking the Change button.

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