Men often become insecure when they are in the neighborhood of a very beautiful woman. They become nervous and make dumb mistakes when they get into conversation. In this way, they will never improve their success with women. But what can you do to become better with women? This article aims to help men getting the woman of their dreams.


You must develop a little attitude. Some cocky humor can do wonders. Women do not like insecure men without any personality. However don’t overdo it; you do not have to act like a macho man.


It is very important to be loud. Especially in night clubs and bars. If women cannot hear you, you are doing something wrong. Your voice is one of the most powerful weapons you have. It exerts confidence and power if used correctly and insecurity if used poorly. Be louder and imagine talking to your little sister or your dog.


One of the biggest mistakes men make is bragging. They feel they need to qualify themselves to the women. They talk about their business success all the time or how much money they have. This will not attract the women you want, only gold diggers perhaps.


One of the most confusing subjects for men who are new to this is how to open. Do they have to use a difficult memorized sentence that makes the woman immediately laugh? The answer is no. Something like: ‘Hello, I am Robert, I just had to meet you’ will suffice. More difficult sentences or clever lines will only make you look like a try hard.


After some time, it is time to close. This can be: asking her number, kissing her or asking for another date. Realize that you have nothing to lose. If you do not take action, you will just simply never see her again. Rejection can be harsh, but happens very rarely if you just have had a good conversation.

Further communication

Keep in contact with the women in question via phone or social media like Facebook. Don’t act too desperate by messaging her all the time. Just act normal and do not stalk her. When you have time available ask for another date. Try to develop a strong connection over time by seeing her often.

This is all the information you need to date models. Remember that women value confidence and social skills over appearance and success. Therefore using these tips, you will have no problems with women anymore.