The beginning of the competition

Competition is a natural instinct in human beings. We compete with others often without even knowing it sometimes. For example, you compete when you put in an application for a job, but how do you deal with a competitive friend? Competition can sometimes bring out the best in some people, if it is not taken too far. Many times we do the same thing every day and eventually lose interest, allowing us to become complacent. When competing with someone else, there is a need to perform to the best of your ability. On the other hand, competition can ruin a great friendship.

The effects ~~

The effects of competition

True friends are so precious and rare. Some friends share a lifetime of history together, and a lifetime of competitiveness. Competition is quite common between friends. Competing with each other can be amusing at times, but can also be annoying at other times. Some friends don't mean any harm when competing against each other. Although competition may seem amusing at first, if taken too far, it can cause conflict between friends.

Recognizing competition ~~

Subtle signs

At first you may not even know that your friend is competing against you, until you notice some subtle signs. These signs starts to turn into a pattern. After watching the patterns, you may finally come to a conclusion that your friend is trying to compete with you. If you are not a competitive person, this can really become uncomfortable for you. If it bothers you, and you feel like it is affecting the relationship, maybe it's time to tell your friend how you feel about it.

Handling the competition ~~

Withdrawing from competition

It can really be annoying when you do something and someone feels like they can do better than you. This can be anything from the car that you drive, to the clothes that you wear. Telling your friend the truth may put you in a uncomfortable situation. Make this as painless as possible, such as while having a drink. After telling your friend about how you feel regarding the constant competitiveness, give it time to sink in. It may come as a shock to your friend when you reveal your true feelings. For some odd reasons, some people cannot imagine living without competitiveness.

The moment of truth ~~

Coming to an agreement

This is the moment of truth. After the truth has sunken in, your friend may cease the competitive behavior. Well, maybe not so easy. Now is the time to take a stand. If your friend continues the competitiveness, you will have no other choice but to ignore his/her behavior. Don't give in to this competitiveness. Make it known that you are not participating in any competition at all. When your friend sees that you mean what you said, he/she may change the competitive behavior. Also, remember that competition may sometimes work in your favor if you show your competitive side.